When will you have time to get that IT project done?

When will you have time to get that IT project done?

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When will you have time to get that IT Project done?

IT Projects are critical to any company. They are usually a result of need, efficiency gain, or competitive advantage. But how can you assure you have the time and expertise to get them done?

Having a good IT consultant is the first step. You have to ask yourself is your IT Consultant knowledgeable in the platform they are working on. Does the IT consultant have the ability to plan, document and execute on the project.

There is a statistic that says 60% of projects fail due to poor planning. Many IT consultants have difficulty in planning and then implementing the project. In most cases it makes sense to have an IT consultant responsible for the implementation piece, and a separate IT consultant or project management consultant responsible for the planning, documenting and tracking piece.

In some cases internal IT may not have the experience to ensure the project’s success. Don’t assume projects are better served in house. Often outside IT consultants see conflicts, issues, and needs internal staff may not.

As an IT leader don’t be afraid to have an experienced IT consulting professional handle these projects for you and ensure they come in on time and within your budget. If you look at it from your company’s perspective, the sooner projects are finished the sooner they reap the benefits.

Many times your internal IT consultants and staff are already overloaded with work; therefore it is important to have the proper IT consultants available to achieve success.

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