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16 Dec 2016

Office 365 is the way to go for small & medium businesses!

Office 365 the right solution for small & medium businesses!

Office 365 is Microsoft’s next generation of cloud based services. The Office 365 solution allows organizations to utilize the Microsoft products they all rely on, Exchange, Sharepoint, Lnyc, and Office Professional without the investment burden needed to implement and maintain them.

For example, an exchange deployment at the minimum requires a server, exchange licensing, a Microsoft active directory environment, email spam filtering, and virus protection.

Also you need the manpower to install the platform. There is also a stack of time required to maintain the system ie; the licensing, making sure the server is functioning and updated, dealing with network and communication issues, keeping the virus protection updated, and having the data backed up.

My point is; if you are a business or IT leader it does not make sense to have your IT staff tied up in providing a “cost of doing business” activity. Making sure your email is functioning is something that needs to be done, however it will not give your company competitive advantage, it’s just a “cost of doing business”.

Finally, when you look at the time your IT staff spends dealing with a maintenance activity imagine if your staff was doing a task that directly relates to producing  your company more revenue, like improving client communications, improving business processes or helping improve your business software implementation.

As a business owner who has recently installed Office 365 for our own environment, I can say we are genuinely happy with Office 365.

Below are some of our findings:

Office 365 was easy to use. With some proper pre-deployment planning we were able to migrate all of our important data, calendars, and folders fairly easily. We were also able to give our employees access to the platform applications via iPhones, iPads, desktops, laptops, and from any location, home, office, on the road.

We also have the same features and functions we had when we managed our own Microsoft applications.

Finally, the platform has been reliable, we had a few minor issues in the beginning, opened up a ticket, and Microsoft resolved the issues.

As far as the cost, Microsoft is offering a pay as you go model, at about $5.00 to $7.00 per user, per month. And when you take all things into consideration, reliability, scalability, ROI, it seems very fair.

Fortunately owning an IT company, I leveraged my IT experts who helped me with planning and deploying the Office 365 plan.

Hiring a Microsoft partner to help you plan and enable the Office 365 cutover makes sense, and the price is the same, with or without a partner. For more info email info@itriskmgrs.com