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08 Apr 2019

5 Things you must know about SD WAN

SD-WAN is a great technology for multi-site networking

5 things you must know about SD-WAN

SD WAN Applications

SD WAN can be leveraged and used in multiple scenarios. Software Defined Networking (SDN) can be leveraged for the Wide Area Network and Cloud based applications. SD WAN can be used for a virtual Wide Area Networking platform that makes great sense for mult-site connectivity. SD-WAN can use multiple Internet connections, has application layer security and is cost effective. It is also easy to deploy, manage and configure, and great for IaaS, and SaaS applications.

Active/Active and Failover Configuration of your Internet Circuits

One of the most valuable capabilities of an SD WAN solution is its ability to aggregate commercial grade less expensive Internet connections and trunk them together or use them in a fail over mode. For instance, you have a site that requires 100% network up-time. You may consider ordering a fiber pipe from AT&T for the main network connection and a hi-speed Comcast Coax connection for backup. The SD WAN solution supports both network connections and they can be aggregated so you can leverage the bandwidth of both connections simultaneously and configure the SD WAN so if one of the connections goes down it will automatically fail-over to the other connection. So rather then have the coax as a passive backup it can be leveraged as an active circuit while simultaneously acting as a backup.

Application Performance and Control

SD WAN is an application aware technology. This means that you can get visibility into your network’s performance and applications in a much more granular manner then any other WAN transport technology out there. Most WAN transport technologies just look at bits and bytes, where SD-WAN sees the applications. SD-WAN allows you to prioritize applications based on its importance. For instance, you can throttle down video traffic and throttle up your business-critical application traffic via an interface across your entire deployment. You also can see the links at all the sites including traffic, speeds, throughput. The technology is also cloud enabled which means it is not necessary to backhaul all the data through a main site for SAAS and IAAS connectivity.

PCI Compliance and more Secure

The SD-WAN controllers are out of band and do not carry any un-encrypted card holder data. The SDWAN also includes Layer 7 application aware firewalls that restrict connections between un-trusted networks and systems in the protected environment. SD-WAN also meets requirements related to the systems hardening requirements as required by PCI. These and other security features meet PCI and DSS compliance standards. Also, SD-WAN offers cloud-based security bypassing the need for backhauling to a main site for filtering, scanning and other security services. SD-WAN’s decentralized security capabilities are great for IAAS and SAAS connectivity.

Less complicated Engineering support required

MPLS and other WAN protocols through the years have required high level engineers like CCIE’s to implement and manage. As costs of WAN engineers have soared and the cost of core networking is also high, SD-WAN provides a great path to have a reasonably price Managed Service for your Wide Area Networking needs. Traditional WAN deployments require manual box by box configurations, also QoS configurations and load balancing are done manually through router Command Line programming. And fail over configurations also are based on router manual configurations based on distance and availability. SD-WAN provides a user-friendly deployment strategy, the heavy technical lifting is done by the SD-WAN provider or SD-WAN Managed Services Provider, easing the burden of Installation, Configuration, Operations and Management.

Cloud Ready SD-WAN

Traditional WAN ties a customer to a private circuit that in most cases requires back-hauling to the centralized site. Whereas SD-WAN gives a direct to the Internet Secure link to the SAAS or IAAS provider. SD-WAN’s multi homing to multiple gateways enable direct access to cloud data centers eliminating back-haul penalties. Also, SD-WAN uses standard base encryption like AES which gives you a secure cloud network. Security and optimization services can be delivered based on application requirements. With SD-WAN’s decentralized architecture security services can be provided locally without the need to back-haul.

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10 Aug 2018

Managed IT Service Provider IT Risk Managers LLC

Leading Managed IT Service Provider IT Risk Managers LLC – CEO Rick Bolda

If you are an executive in a small or mid-market company, IT– IS NOT the first thing you think about when you come to work in the morning. But a good Managed IT Service provider will give you the peace of mind so you don’t have to worry about IT, and you can focus on your business.

IT is the one department that if someone screws up it can:

Shut down every other department
Lose critical data
And mess up productivity of the entire business

One way of insuring that IT meets the needs of your business is to have a reliable IT Managed Services provider. A good IT Managed Services provider is a great extension of your current IT department and staff. IT Managed Service Providers have resources in place that typically are only available to larger companies. Let me give some examples.

A Network Operating Center or NOC. A NOC is a 24/7 platform that provides the telemetry and data needed to make sure your systems are reliable, and available to support business operations. A small or mid-size business typically can not afford a NOC, but a good IT Managed Services provider will have a NOC, and the NOC services can be provided to your business at a reasonable fee versus building out your own Network Operating Center.

Another example would be a help desk team. You may want to ask your self do your people have to wait to get responses to IT needs. You may have a great IT person but having him spending time on doing low level IT support may not be a good allocation of his time. A Managed IT Service provider has a dedicated help desk team readily available to support Level 1 and Level 2 support tickets. For instance I can’t print, I can’t get to my email, I can’t see this folder. These type of help desk needs are best handled by a help desk team. Also an IT Managed Service provider will have a help desk ticketing system that a small business typically doesn’t have or can’t continually support.

Another thing that a good IT Managed Service provider has is a reliable backup platform. Yes you most likely have a backup platform in place, but an MSP’s (managed service provider) cloud backup solutions are generally more reliable and robust. They are also managed 24/7. Also there are reporting tools to make sure the backup is doing its job. For instance our cloud backup solution is managed by our NOC and we receive constant telemetry and data telling us yes the backup is up to date and complete.

Hope this helps explaining what some of the benefits are of having a good Managed IT Service provider.

If you have further questions you can email info@itriskmgrs.com. Or call 630-918-7370