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24 Dec 2016

Don’t let your IT team sweep the floors!


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Are your IT people sweeping floors?

I want to explain how you can help your IT Department succeed and dispel the myths and fears about IT outsourcing services. Efficient allocation of resources is something that we contend with every day.

Where can we get the greatest return on our investment from our trucks, warehouse, office space and our people. Well IT is no different.

Your internal IT staff has value as a technical resource but more importantly as a business resource. Yet, we see IT staff performing tasks equivalent to sweeping the floors, that’s an expensive janitor.

And, this no knock on them, it’s how the resource is utilized. If your IT services person is busy cleaning up viruses, doing PC maintenance, fixing printers, and doing network cabling, they are being under-utilized.

This is where the right IT outsourcing services can come into play for your business. Your IT person’s efforts should be centered on tasks that make the business more money or drive efficiency. Utilize them for the IT business consulting needs or enterprise IT support needs. Have them work on IT business project services that better connect you to your clients, instead of maintenance of your servers and IT network support.

You may want to look towards IT for better ways to market your products and services instead of low ROI IT support network and IT help desk needs. Blogs, social media, and e-commerce are all IT project services and IT management services that require IT business consulting and expertise that your internal IT team can help with. Better that then having them replacing old hardware, fixing computers, or cleaning viruses.

Asking your IT services consultant to kill viruses is asking them to kill their time. A fear of IT outsourcing is a fear of losing control. However the opposite is true. A good IT outsourcing services company will give your business more information, better remote access and better IT network security.

An IT outsourcing services solution for your business, needs to have a proactive network services platform. Their network support and business IT support should include a help desk, network operating center, on site support, and a good IT cloud services solution.

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