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20 Dec 2016

The benefits of an IT Health Assessment

Have you ever had your IT systems assessed?

IT serviIT Risk Managers - IT Consulting Firm in Chicago, ILces and delivery processes are not the first thing you think about each year as the business requires more and more with less budget. However a good check and balance to see where IT is at is through an Information Technology audit & health assessment. Think of it this way, your CFO probably has the financials audited all of the time.

Is it because he is unsure of himself? Probably not! For leadership it’s just good practice. What they are trying to avoid is a surprise. So why is IT any different? You can easily argue IT can be even more critical then day to day financials.

IT Services and delivery is the same thing, a surprise in IT can shut down the whole company and who will they look at IT Leadership. When was the last time you had a security or best practices assessment of the IT systems, services, consultants and processes.

Our most secure and efficient clients and the ones who have this performed annually. Once completed, the results can be a framework to improve your IT Services model and management will appreciate your  pro-active approach.

A network benchmark assessment from a 3rd party IT Consulting firm is the best way to get you the information you need to keep your department informed and eliminate surprises.

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