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13 Oct 2016

IT people need a day off

Young red-haired guy had a hard work day in the office
IT people need time off too!

IT people need time away from work like everyone else.  Unfortunately, you can’t turn off the systems while you are away. In fact this seems to be the time things fails the most. I’m sure you are expected to deliver miracles whether you are there or not.

To be able to have some time off and know your systems are being watched and backed up consider a 3rd party computer support company.

Have you even received those emergency calls while on vacation? How many of you bring your laptops with you just in case?

It doesn’t seem fair does it? The good news is there’s an answer. Make sure your computer support company has the information and data to provide emergency services in your absence.

IT Risk Managers a leading Chicago computer support company, has a great way to augment your efforts and give you peace of mind while away. IT Risk Managers’ Network operations Center, engineering services, computer support, and network IT Services can keep a close eye on your systems and offer immediate response to any emergency.

Computer support engineers in our network operations center watch your server environment  24/7/365.

Our field engineers support your onsite computer support needs and can respond to any issue and even take care of an important IT projects.

Trying to handle all computer support and project services yourself is simply not worth it. IT Risk Managers will customize a computer support plan that fits your Chicago business needs and budget.

Email us at info@itriskmgrs.com for your computer support; let us help you finally enjoy your time away from the office.