Surveillance Systems for Cannabis Businesses

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Security cameras play a pivotal role in the cannabis industry

As a cannabis business, your primary concern is security. Many dispensaries and grow operations have hundreds of people entering and exiting the premises daily. Add that to a huge amount of product in and out of your facility, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster if crime strikes. It’s evident that video surveillance for your cannabis dispensary is a critical factor in both identifying and deterring potential thefts.

Cannabis security requirements

The cannabis industry is growing exponentially. Many states require that cannabis dispensaries and grow operations have a well-designed video surveillance system in place. The precise requirements differ from state to state, but they generally include the following:

  • Cameras must continuously record for 24 hours and be available in real time.
  • Recordings shall not be destroyed or altered and retained for at least 90 days.
  • A date and time stamp must be embedded on all video surveillance recordings. The date and time shall be synchronized and set correctly and shall not significantly obscure the picture.
  • The surveillance system must have the capability to produce a still photo from any camera image either live or recorded, and must have a printer on-site.
  • The system must immediately notify the licensee of any equipment failure or system outage within 5 minutes of the event.
  • Archive video recordings must be in a format that ensures authentication of legitimately captured video and guarantees that no alterations of the video have taken place.
  • The cameras shall be angled and directed so all areas are captured, including, but not limited to: safes, vaults, sales areas, and areas where cannabis is stored, handled, dispensed, or destroyed. Outside areas include the storefront and parking lot.
  • The camera must show POS and capture the sale, the individuals, and the computer monitors used for the sale.
  • Cameras shall be angled to allow for facial recognition, the capture of clear and certain identification of any person entering or exiting the dispensary area and in lighting sufficient during all times of night or day.
  • All monitors must be 19-inches or greater.
  • There must be sufficient battery backup for video cameras and recording equipment to support recording in the event of a power outage.

ITRM’s Cloud Video Surveillance Solutions

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