Cameras & Surveillance

Proactive security systems to protect your business from unwanted intruders

ITRM has the tools, personnel, and resources to ensure your camera systems are deployed properly and meet the needs of your business. We have installed hundreds of camera systems in office buildings, parking facilities, distribution centers, retail shops, trucking facilities, produce centers, manufacturing companies, and apartment buildings, just to name a few.

From assessing your facilities unique usership and vulnerabilities, to designing the systems and protocols for protecting it, ITRM brings a law-enforcement, security edge, and passion to keeping you, your employees, and your property safe and secure.

Let ITRM take care of the installation, monitoring, and maintenance of your surveillance systems.

We offer the following surveillance solutions:

  • High resolution IP-based cameras
  • Cloud-based solutions and storage
  • Remote viewing
  • Mobile device enabled
  • Multiple video analytics
  • Facial recognition
  • License plate recognition
  • Access control integration