Endpoint Security

Comprehensive, sophisticated solutions for threat detection and attack remediation

ITRM Endpoint Security is powered by SentinelOne and provides SOC-supported endpoint monitoring. Easy to deploy and configure, our endpoint platform rapidly identifies and halts attacks, minimizing harm and risks to your systems.

Endpoint Security also constantly monitors and analyzes your environment to protect against external threats. It utilizes forensics and an intelligent automation system to identify malware, exploits, and script-based stealth attacks.

SentinelOne offers a $1M ransomware warranty that MSPs can leverage to deliver true peace of mind to their stakeholders.

ITRM Endpoint Security protects against all threat vectors:

  • Pre-Execution – SentinelOne’s single agent technology uses a Static AI engine to provide pre-execution protection.
  • On-Execution – When malicious activities are detected, the program responds automatically.
  • Post-Execution – As a final safety measure, SentinelOne can roll back an endpoint to its pre-infected state.