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ITRM has been optimizing business information technologies and creating efficiencies doing so – for decades.  And in this business,  that’s a lifetime.  In the process, we’ve pioneered ways to offer enterprise-level IT services to small to mid-sized companies like yours.


Technology plays an important role in your business today – but that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck managing your infrastructure every day. We know you have more important things to worry about.

Our managed IT services are a powerful and complete suite of offerings which allow you to leverage our software, support and technical specialists as your own – all-for-one fixed monthly cost.

Our services include:

• 24/7/365 network monitoring with proactive problem resolution
• 24/7/365 professional and courteous help desk support
• Comprehensive Mobile Device Management
• Powerful Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

ITRM will make sure you have the right tools, the right design, and most importantly, the right thinking – so instead of working on and for your IT infrastructure, it will work for you.

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Your IT infrastructure and the network it supports power and connect every part of your business. Your technology is primary, vital and far too important to leave to chance, or to build as you go.

Which is why you could certainly benefit from the kind of IT infrastructure services and architectingnthat enterprise-level companies receive from their IT.

We offer best practice configurations to meet your needs:

High Availability and Load Balanced WAN

High Availability Internet solutions:

VMware High Availability
Site Recovery Manager


Network Security Solutions & Configurations
Cisco NG Firewalls and perimeter security
Barracuda NG firewalls
Web Filtering
Email Spam filtering and antivirus

WAN & LAN Priority Based Configurations
VOIP & Application Prioritization

Cisco IOS
Nexus NX-OS

An intelligently designed IT infrastructure – one designed just for your business and its own unique future – will allow your employees to work faster and smarter. It will make customer and client interactions more seamless and satisfying. And it will save you money every step of the way.

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IT Security Solutions that Learn & Evolve

Unlike many IT security solutions dated and made glaringly obsolete in just the last few years, ITRM’s “living” solutions are built to learn and evolve. Like your business, our security solutions are anything but static, because the threats to them aren’t either.

ITRM allows even smaller companies to utilize the power and flexibility of an enterprise-level help desk and advanced Network Operations Systems, with which we can proactively monitor and safeguard your IT infrastructure, and protect and secure your network in real time in ways that very few can.

With the solutions that ITRM will provide, you’ll have eyes and minds on your network 24/7. You’ll have security that doesn’t simply mitigate data risk and network failure from system and software vulnerabilities, or ever changing cyber threats, but instead learns from them, so your security protection is always a step ahead of the threats from both inside and outside your company.

Click to click, connection to connection, ITRM’s security solutions are designed to learn and evolve with your network, users and threats. The result, of course, is an always-up, always fast, always easy and accessible network to power your company.

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IT CIO Advisory Services Designed for Today & Tomorrow

Making large-scale IT decisions are simultaneously complex – and amazingly important. Exactly how your company’s IT is engineered to take best advantage of your opportunities and challenges will be a primary arbiter of its success. That will increasingly be the case. But to most small to mid-sized companies, even those with their own IT team, creating the right information technology to match vision and strategy can seem mysterious at best. It can almost feel like guesswork.

ITRM can help you take the guesswork – even out of guessing. Our CIO Advisory services will help you build the perfect IT strategy plan, IT infrastructure system and IT security solution based on your present needs and your goals for the future. You won’t just have an always-up, always-fast, always-secure network for today, but one that’s architected to change as your business and its market certainly will.

You can talk all you want about maximizing ROI on your technology, but that point is mute if you aren’t thoughtfully structuring your IT to perform and evolve in the years to come. ITRM is recognized as an industry pioneer and leader in building IT that performs at the highest level, but is scalable and flexible for wherever your plans take you. And THAT creates real ROI over time.


The flexibility to grow your IT without substantial additional costs, greater reliability where back-up and availability are concerned, less complicated ongoing maintenance, and the need for fewer resources to manage it, make cloud-based IT a serious option for some companies.

With our years-forward, always-evolving posture on IT infrastructure and security, no one is better equipped to take your company into the cloud like ITRM. Whether you’re ready to make the full-fledged leap, or whether it’s in your best interest to transition – we’ll help you decide the best option for you and your company.

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“When receiving recommendations from IT Risk Managers, I know the business drives the decision, not the technology.”

– John Luke, Hu-Friedy