Security Plans for Cannabis Businesses

ITRM develops a comprehensive security plan for cannabis dispensaries and grow operations

We help you succeed in the cannabis industry

Whether you’re applying for a distribution, cultivation, or retail license, a detailed, professional security plan will give you an edge over your competitors and place you in good standing with county and state officials.

As a licensed private security contractor, IT Risk Managers’ consultants have the knowledge and experience to ensure that your security plan for the cannabis dispensary, cultivation, and grow applications will address all the requirements outlined in the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act.

What are the security plan requirements?

According to Section H of the Conditional Adult Use Dispensing Application, you’re required to provide a plan that at the minimum:

  • Accounts for the prevention or diversion of cannabis
  • Demonstrates safety procedures for dispensing organization agents and purchasers
  • Establishes procedure, equipment, and designs that provide for the safe delivery and storage of cannabis currency
  • Demonstrates that all security procedures, equipment, and designs are and will be kept compliant with all applicable laws and administrative rules, including those set forth in Section 15-100 of the Act

You’re also required to provide a copy of a contract with a private security contractor licensed under Section 10-5 of the Private Detective, Private Alarm, Private Security, Fingerprint, Vendor, and Locksmith Act of 2004.

There are also very specific requirements in the act and Section 15-100 regarding video storage requirements, facial recognition requirements, and the ability of the state police to get information and video images on a moment’s notice.

The plan must outline the control of cannabis-related inventory from receipt through sale. You must also show the measures that are taken to restrict access to specific areas. You also need to document procedures for cannabis loss and destruction. Shipping and transportation Security Measures must also be outlined.

How ITRM helps

ITRM will create diagrams and layouts identifying all points and locations of security devices, as well as address on-site security personnel needs. We also outline the various surveillance systems to be installed that will properly monitor the premises, agents, patients, caregivers, currency, and the measure to prevent theft or loss of cannabis/currency.

These systems need to be clearly outlined and tied into the requirements of Section 15-100 of the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act. Some of the systems for the dispensaries and grow operations may include, but are not limited to:

Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV)

Video Management Systems (VMS)

Access Control Systems

Visitor Management Systems (VMS)

Security Alarm Systems (SAS)

Intercom Systems

Key Management Systems (KMS)

Protect your cannabis business with a comprehensive security plan