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Not Your Dad’s Old IT Solutions, Schaumburg, IL

Are you and your business tired of dealing with the same old do-nothing IT companies in Schaumburg? Are you always being plagued by the same old problems with your managed IT support? ITRM may be the answer to your IT security issues, managed services, and all your small business computer support needs! Get ITRM and ditch the nerds! We offer the best IT solutions Schaumburg has to offer


Business IT Services in Schaumburg Illinois

Schaumburg, IL IT support can be anywhere from great to spotty. Luckily, we’re one of the best IT companies in Schaumburg, and we’re not afraid to say it! And as one of the top tech companies in Schaumburg, ITRM provides excellent business IT support, managed services, and a fantastic and speedy IT service helpdesk! On top of IT consulting, we’re also proud to offer disaster recovery and cloud backups as outstanding solutions to natural and unnatural disasters that could affect your business

Have you ever lost a Word Document because you didn’t save?

We have too, and it’s okay. On a much larger scale, your business could be at SERIOUS risk of losing large amounts of essential data.

If you don’t regularly back up your systems, you could be leaving yourself open to huge risks. Imagine if your computer just shut down and never turned back on. How much work data would you lose? Would you be frustrated, or worse, out of business? Now imagine an earthquake or a tornado rips through town and takes out your building during the night. All of your computers are destroyed, what now? Maybe you can get new machines, but you’ll never recover all of your computers’ information, which could be devastating to your bottom line.

Luckily, one of the top IT companies in Schaumburg, IL is on the case. You totally forgot, but ITRM was conducting frequent cloud backups in the background, and all of your information is securely stored off-site! That’s the peace of mind you get when you work with ITRM for your IT support in Schaumburg.


Disaster Recovery & Backups

Disaster recovery means having great backups in place, but it also means keeping a detailed plan and procedure so that your business can quickly get back up and running. Having backups means that your computers and systems are continually storing information both locally and somewhere else. IT services by other Schaumburg managed service providers often stop short and offer nothing outside of your regular day to day IT. We think that’s criminal. Managed services and local Schaumburg businesses should be working hand in hand to create disaster recovery plans so that companies experience as little downtime and data loss as possible.

Keeping your business data backed up is excellent, but is it also secure? With ITRM, you can be sure that your data is in trustworthy and capable hands and be positive that your business is safe from losing any data. Work with ITRM to get the best of the best IT support, cybersecurity, and create a detailed disaster recovery plan.

If you have further questions or would like to hear more about our services, please contact Rick Bolda at 630-918-7370 or email