Skokie, IL Managed IT Services
by IT Risk Managers LLC

IT Support & The Cloud

Small business computer support is migrating more and more to the cloud. Don’t allow your Skokie, Illinois IT support managed services to be outdated. You absolutely need to partner with one of the best IT companies in Skokie, IL to get your systems and your managed IT support moved over to the cloud.


Work With One Of The Top IT Companies In Skokie

ITRM is your one-stop-shop for IT support in Skokie, IL. We offer Small business computer support, an excellent IT service helpdesk, a state-of-the-art network operations center, remote monitoring, and management, cybersecurity solutions, cloud solutions, etc. Other IT companies in Skokie, IL repackage basic business IT support and resell it to you at an insane premium, which leaves you high and dry and open to IT security issues. Luckily when you’re working with ITRM, you’re working with one of the top IT companies in Skokie, and you can be sure that you’re getting the best of the best.

ITRM Offers IT Services In Skokie, IL Without The Geeks

Other IT solutions in Skokie, IL can be a little… nerdy. There, we said it. With ITRM, you’re not only getting IT - you’re getting friendly, helpful, and personable managed services. Skokie doesn’t need another geeky IT firm that would rather talk you to sleep than fix your problem.

Local IT Services In Skokie Illinois - Managed IT Consulting In Skokie

Tech companies in Skokie can swing wildly between too small and too nerdy and too big and hands-off. With ITRM, you get local IT consulting in Skokie that is just the right size to bring all the right resources and people to keep your business humming along. At ITRM, you won’t be treated like only another number, nor will you be talked to condescendingly for having issues.


Don’t Want To Think About IT?

We get it! IT is OUR job, not yours. That’s why we keep you running up to date with as little downtime as possible. We keep you up and running, and we help you make informed decisions. That’s what we’re here for, not to get in the way. With our benchmarked network assessment and our security assessment, you can be positive that your business is operating as effectively as possible, with minimal risks to your data.

Your Head In The Cloud

Having a cloud solution is becoming essential. Having your data synced to the cloud is not only incredibly convenient by allowing you to work remotely and off-site, but it is also a great contingency plan. What if a natural disaster were to plague your building? Would your business be able to make it with all of that lost data? Clients, suppliers, and employee’s information could be gone instantly unless you’re keeping regular backups.

What About Security?

Our security operations center, or SOC, mixed with our security incident and event management, and endpoint security will provide your business with top of the line network and data security. Education is another vital part of keeping your protection up to date. Having the knowledge to ward off threats of social engineering before they infiltrate your employees and your network is an integral part of the solution that we offer at IT Risk Managers LLC.

If you have further questions or would like to hear more about our services, please contact Rick Bolda at 630-918-7370 or email