Managed IT Service Provider IT Risk Managers LLC

Managed IT Service Provider IT Risk Managers LLC

Leading Managed IT Service Provider IT Risk Managers LLC – CEO Rick Bolda

If you are an executive in a small or mid-market company, IT– IS NOT the first thing you think about when you come to work in the morning. But a good Managed IT Service provider will give you the peace of mind so you don’t have to worry about IT, and you can focus on your business.

IT is the one department that if someone screws up it can:

Shut down every other department
Lose critical data
And mess up productivity of the entire business

One way of insuring that IT meets the needs of your business is to have a reliable IT Managed Services provider. A good IT Managed Services provider is a great extension of your current IT department and staff. IT Managed Service Providers have resources in place that typically are only available to larger companies. Let me give some examples.

A Network Operating Center or NOC. A NOC is a 24/7 platform that provides the telemetry and data needed to make sure your systems are reliable, and available to support business operations. A small or mid-size business typically can not afford a NOC, but a good IT Managed Services provider will have a NOC, and the NOC services can be provided to your business at a reasonable fee versus building out your own Network Operating Center.

Another example would be a help desk team. You may want to ask your self do your people have to wait to get responses to IT needs. You may have a great IT person but having him spending time on doing low level IT support may not be a good allocation of his time. A Managed IT Service provider has a dedicated help desk team readily available to support Level 1 and Level 2 support tickets. For instance I can’t print, I can’t get to my email, I can’t see this folder. These type of help desk needs are best handled by a help desk team. Also an IT Managed Service provider will have a help desk ticketing system that a small business typically doesn’t have or can’t continually support.

Another thing that a good IT Managed Service provider has is a reliable backup platform. Yes you most likely have a backup platform in place, but an MSP’s (managed service provider) cloud backup solutions are generally more reliable and robust. They are also managed 24/7. Also there are reporting tools to make sure the backup is doing its job. For instance our cloud backup solution is managed by our NOC and we receive constant telemetry and data telling us yes the backup is up to date and complete.

Hope this helps explaining what some of the benefits are of having a good Managed IT Service provider.

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