DoorBird Intercom Systems for Chicago Apartment and Office Buildings

Join the PropTech revolution by installing the DoorBird Video Intercom system.

Certified Managers of Community Associations (CMCAs) Commercial Property Managers, (CPMs) Certified Apartment Managers (CAM), Certified Property Managers Association Management Specialists (AMS) and highly determined property managers keep your buildings safe and efficient with PropTech technologies brought to you buy DoorBird and IT Risk Managers LLC.

IT Risk Managers LLC is a certified DoorBird Intercom installer with offices in Chicago and Oak Brook. As an Illinois licensed private alarm contractor IT Risk Managers LLC DoorBird installation services insure your DoorBird system will be installed properly and certified by DoorBird.

Technologies are changing the way multi-tenant buildings are being managed. The PropTech movement is a cutting-edge approach in real estate disrupting the traditional way of managing, renting, and maintaining your buildings. When you think of PropTech you may be thinking of companies like Zillow, Opendoor, Homie, Matterport or Ubitquity. But there is PropTech technology innovation going on in the security systems side and property management side of the real estate market also. PropTech means integrating various building management and control technologies with keyless entry systems, security camera technologies, and video intercom systems.

It’s all about the tenant experience and let’s face it millennials are very tech savvy and are willing to spend extra money for the extra amenities. Millennials want their amenities at their fingertips on their smartphones. Picture your tenant is entering your building. Are they doing it with glee and tech efficiency, which millennials like or are they fumbling through keys, different codes, and talking to different staff members to get their messages, packages and food deliveries?

PropTech and DoorBird are about gleeful, efficient and elegant entries. Waving a QR code from a smart phone app in front of a video intercom and having the door open. Having an access-controlled elevator on its way down automatically. Having a blue tooth enabled smart lock to open the apartment door automatically. And taking it a step further controlling your lighting, apartment temperature, sound systems, curtains all via building smart apps. And of course, picking up packages and scheduling food delivery all via smart phone apps.


PropTech and Video Intercoms allow residents to control various apartment functions:

  • Opening Locked Doors via Smart Phones
  • Seeing who is at the front door
  • Giving secure access to guests or service people
  • Increase and enhance Security
  • Makes food and package deliveries hassle free
  • Activates in unit appliances and lighting on demand and via voices
  • Allows for online rental payment
  • Creating work orders online
  • And recording and managing all this activity via the cloud

Will you be ready when a visitor comes to your door?

IT Risk Managers LLC a Chicago based, licensed intercom installation company offers a reliable service that installs the SIP enabled, IP based, PropTech inspired, DoorBird video intercom system in your apartment building, retail location, or commercial office space. Door Bird and IT Risk Managers LLC addresses the need for Smart Tech and Prop Tech systems and software that keeps today’s tech savvy tenants happy. Our Chicago team has certified Door Bird experts to make sure you get the right video intercom to meet your needs. The system works directly with your smartphone or smart device. So, you will not miss out on any visitors, and you will have a great touch free, secure way to let them in your building.

With today’s ever evolving security and health issues property managers, landlords, tenants, visitors, contractors all deserve a safe efficient solution to manage building and apartment entrances. IT Risk Managers LLC will help you choose the right video intercom system to meet your needs.

Now you can secure your Apartment Building, Office Building, and home with the latest and most innovative DoorBird Video door intercoms that communicate with Android, iPhone, and iPad devices. DoorBird Video intercoms are ideal for your residential or commercial building in Chicago, IL. They offer notifications on your smartphone when someone presses the doorbell button. The system allows you to see visitors, speak to them, and even open your door from anywhere in the world through your smartphone or tablet, which is very convenient.

IT Risk Managers LLC DoorBird Video Intercom installers have years of experience. We have Chicago based certified Door Bird installation services to meet all of your video intercom needs. When you use our certified Door Bird installers you’ll know the job is going to get done right. Our Door Bird technicians have electrical installation backgrounds and IT tech backgrounds.

This is important because Door Bird Intercoms are IP-Based and the system leverages the cloud to store the user data base and communicate with the mobile application. So your Doorbird installer tech needs to understand networks and electrical concepts.

We are proud to provide intercom and video calling features that can benefit many multi-unit, multi-tenant, residential and commercial spaces. Did you know that you can use IP Based door station intercoms for communicating directly with smart phones? IT Risk Managers LLC provides you with this additional layer of video communication. Imagine being able to see your visitor before you give access to your building. IP based video door intercoms provide this feature with just an Internet connection. No expensive camera security systems, or access control systems required. Also, no hard wiring is required.

IT Risk Managers LLC provides you with VOIP and cloud-based intercom solutions that can easily handle multiple tenants with multiple telephone numbers. This makes them perfect for residential buildings as well as gated communities in Chicago. Our certified DoorBird installation team in Chicago will get it done right the first time.


DoorBird Video Door Intercom

With the reliable and innovative DoorBird video intercom system, you can answer your door from anywhere. Also, you can have a seamless two-way voice conversation while seeing who is at your door at any time. The solution is ideal for your home, or apartment building especially if you have young kids. It is also fantastic for commercial office spaces. You can make the most of the cloud and your Internet service as well as free Android and iOS apps in order to view live video on demand.

The DoorBird video intercom system is an excellent security and virtual doorman solution. DoorBird allows you to receive a push notification on your mobile device, such as your smartphone, when a visitor presses the doorbell button or optionally when motion or movement is sensed in front of the smart DoorBird door station. You will like the fact that the surface mount and convenient video doorbell, features an impressive ultra-wide camera with 720p HD video that will allow you to see the person at the entrance clearly.

Also, the built-in infrared LEDs ensures that you can always see visitors at night. Night vision is automatically turned on when it starts to get dark. The DoorBird intercom offers convenience and flexibility as it can connect to a wired power source and your wireless network, or the wired network.


Features of DoorBird Intercom System

  • Surface mount video intercom
  • Has a full-color camera
  • HD 720p video, dynamic and automatic resolution from VGA to HDTV
  • Benefit from an ultra-wide-angle lens
  • Accurate PIR motion sensor that has adjustable sensitivity
  • Comes with a built-in microphone and speaker
  • Polycarbonate construction offers UV resistance
  • Benefit from 12 IR LEDs for quick automation of night vision mode
  • The product is IP65 rated

DoorBird Smartphone Intercom System

Let IT Risk Managers LLC DoorBird install team help you make the most of Door Bird Home Automation solutions. DoorBird provides innovative home automation solutions for sophisticated property managers, landlords, and homeowners, like you, that use bank-level and reliable encryption technologies. And in addition to that, you may also use the latest DoorBird Connect feature with our API in order to combine third party components. DoorBird can communicate with your video surveillance system, access control systems, Alexa, and other building automation solutions.

Perfect Addition to any DoorBird System

The latest DoorBird IP Video Indoor Station is a great addition to any existing DoorBird system in your Chicago home or apartment building. IT Risk Managers has the Door Bird installation pros to make sure the install goes right. When you pair it with DoorBird IP Video Door Intercom System, this amazing Indoor Station delivers a reliable live video stream, 2-way audio communication, and control of gates and doors.

One of the best things is that the Indoor Station is compact and made to complement any environment. Also, the DoorBird Indoor Station features an elegant touch display. This display is made of scratch-resistant and tempered glass with a simple and intuitive user interface, and you will get the hang of it in no time. It also features configurable hard buttons that have clear symbols for standard functions.

You can also select individual chime alerts for several DoorBird Door Intercoms in order to indicate from which entry your visitor is calling. And when someone rings the DoorBird Door Intercom, note that an LED light located at the bottom of your Indoor Station will flash a visual alert. You can customize the color of this LED light if you have multiple DoorBird Intercoms.

Benefits through IP Technologies

  • Elevator control and door opener
  • Visitor history and free cloud recording
  • Building and home automation control (such as TCP, IP, HTTPS, and relays)
  • Configurable through the intuitive DoorBird Application worldwide

2-way Audio Communication

  • HD Audio with up to 102 dB
  • You can choose from over 50 doorbell sounds

Unlimited Range

  • The system supports Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and PoE
  • Supports multiple DoorBird Video Door Stations

Door Bird Advantages

Hands Free Entry meeting Covid opening guidelines

A Doorbird entry system allows your guest or yourself to enter the building with a virtual key. The virtual key is an QR code on your smart phone device that you simply pass in front of the Doorbird Camera and it triggers the magnetic lock and opens the door. All touch free. Our certified Door Bird installation team is trained in IT technologies to make sure the Door Bird install is done correctly.

Prevent Burglaries

Note that a DoorBird Intercom system can easily prevent more burglaries compared to a traditional alarm system. You will see the visitors then let it who you want to enter your building. You can also program the system to allow delivery people in and dogwalkers and other contractors that you would like to give entry too.

Receive Your Parcels any Time

With this system, you can talk to a parcel deliverer from anyplace in the world through your smartphone or tablet. You can also direct them to your neighbors or open your garage door through your smartphone.

Thousands of Users

Did you know that this system is already installed in over 160 countries?

Audio and Video Call

You can easily contact up to eight tablets or smartphones through Push-Notification with voice and video or landline telephones through either video or voice call.

Multiple Connectors

This feature allows you to connect the system to your existing door opener, door chime, and garage opener.

Track Visitor History

Note that free cloud recording makes this simple, and there is no monthly fee or hidden costs.


Installation Services in Chicago

The proper installation of the system usually starts with sound planning, and design. IT Risk Managers LLC has the professionals that will help you pick the correct Door Bird Model to meet your needs. We strive to keep up with the overall quality as well as the beautiful and elegant design that Doorbird has created, by making sure the system is professionally installed. Our Doorbird installers are certified and trained to make sure the installation is done properly and in a timely manner.

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