Des Plaines, IL IT Support

Local Small Business Computer Support

Sure, there are plenty of Des Plaines, IL IT support businesses who all offer business IT support, but of all the tech companies in Des Plaines, IL, YOU should be working with ITRM. ITRM is one of the top IT companies in Des Plaines, IL, and we aren’t shy about it… I’ll repeat it. We’re one of the BEST IT companies in Des Plaines, IL.

Des Plaines, IL is a great central location in near downtown Chicago, IL and Chicago O’Hare airport. It’s a dynamic ever-changing suburb, with great public transportation, many local businesses, and all covered IT services with IT Risk Managers LLC.


Managed Des Plaines, IL IT Support

Our IT support is comprehensive. Some of our managed IT support solutions are a high-tech network operations center NOC that monitors incoming and outgoing data to continually and diligently keep your services running soundly. We also offer a friendly and well-educated IT service helpdesk that will field your questions and concerns 24/7, with average call-in wait times of less than a minute and average chat wait times less than forty-five seconds. With ITRM, you will also gain access to our RMM, or remote monitoring and management, that will diagnose and report issues that we can fix before you ever have to worry about them. It’s no wonder our managed services in Des Plaines, IL are so highly regarded with all of that.

Avoiding It Security Issues With Cybersecurity

Did you think one of the top tech companies in Des Plaines would stop at IT support? Des Plaines think again! We don’t only offer; IT managed services, but we also offer great cybersecurity solutions! With a mix of our security operations center (SOC), security assessments, security incident event management (SIEM), and endpoint security - you’ll never have to worry about your IT solutions in Des Plaines, IL again!

While other IT companies in Des Plaines, IL are content to hook you up and forget about you, our systems and employees keep a watchful eye over your systems and data to make sure things are operational and as safeguarded as possible.


Cloud Nine Managed Services

Are you worried about leaving your business vulnerable? You can find out if you are or aren’t with our network assessment. It’s one of our many offerings of IT consulting in Des Plaines, IL. We often find businesses are operating with no backup, no cloud, and no disaster recovery plan. If any of those apply to your business, you’re open to severe financial risk.

Having frequent backups is a must and keeps all your information and data current. Having that data in the cloud is even better! That means you can log in from anywhere and keep working, which minimizes downtime and saves you and your company money! Who doesn’t love extra money?!

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that if you’re fine with leaving yourself open to risk or NOT having the best IT services in Des Plaines, you should work with someone else. However, if you want the best IT services Des Plaines managed service provider, there’s only one option, and that is ITRM. You should avoid the other guys like the plague… they’re nerds anyway. Be safe and make the right choice by hiring ITRM as your local, friendly, and non-intrusive IT managed services provider.

If you have further questions or would like to hear more about our services, please contact Rick Bolda at 630-918-7370 or email