A Video Intercom system for your Chicago office building or apartment building provides added security to your property, tenants, and employees. It is also a nice feature that looks good and improves communications and interactions between tenants, guests and property managers. Today’s video intercom systems are IP enabled which means they have more features are easier to manage and integrate with your other building systems like Access Control, Video Surveillance, and Cameras. Check out leading edge Chicago video intercom systems.

16 Sep 2018

ButterflyMX Intercom Systems are taking Chicago by Storm

ButterflyMX-The first smartphone enabled video entrance solution

Get ready the ButterflyMX Intercom system may be your next doorman

We’ve come a long way. And if you walk through Chicago neighborhoods or visit office buildings you are probably seeing more and more video entrance intercom systems. These video intercom systems have become virtual doorman. A Butterfly intercom system is an entrance system which features a touch screen at the building entrance. The system integrates a camera, a microphone and a directory. The greatest feature is the smartphone application that allows tenants to use the system. When you download the application on your phone and when you are given the right credentials by your property manager the Butterflymx Intercom becomes your virtual doorman.

Cloud Based Video Intercom System

ButterflyMX is the first cloud based smartphone intercom system. Butterflymx intercoms offer a variety of products for your Chicago office and property. Imagine not having to wire up a new intercom system and using smartphone and cloud based technologies to give your tenants a seamless entry experience. When using ButterflyMX’s technology visitors, tenants, deliveries, property managers and owners are given an elegant and reliable entrance solution enabled by the cloud and an application that can be downloaded right on your smart-phone.

Mobile Device Enabled

With the ButterflyMX intercom systems wherever you have access to a mobile device is where your doorman is. Tenants and property managers in any type of property can grant access to the front building entrance from anywhere they have access to a mobile device. ButterflyMX intercoms provides an elegant keyless experience at an affordable price.

IT Risk Managers LLC – Top ButterflyMX installer

ButterflyMX is in use throughout the United States. A leading Butterflymx intercom integrator IT Risk Managers LLC is rolling out the solution to dozens of buildings in Chicago. Matt Sommerfeldt, IT Risk Managers, CTO, was an early adopter. “When I found out I can offer my customers a smart-phone and cloud based intercom solution at such a reasonable price we had to make the move to ButterflyMX intercoms”-Matt Sommerfeldt, CTO, IT Risk Managers LLC.

Great Administrative Functions

ButterflyMX transforms any smartphone into a mobile video intercom system. Once the intercom has been installed and the app has been downloaded, a visitor calls from the intercom comes through the app as a video call wherever you are so you can view the visitor before granting them access to the building. The property management dashboard allows administrators to review door release logs for security as well as add, edit, and delete residents and manage panel settings.

How ButterflyMX works

Visitors at the entrance can scroll through a touchscreen contact list or type in a search box to find a resident. It’s similar to the smart phone contact directory. The visitor can call you, leave a message for you, or let you know you have a delivery. ButterflyMX will then send a notification to your smart phone. You can see your visitor right from the smart phone application. You can then swipe to grant the visitor access, decline access without the visitor knowing or you can tap to initiate a video call. You can also keep track of who you let in. The app also allows you to see messages from visitors. You can also give your visitors via a virtual key to get in for a limited period. A QR Code is generated and can be texted to your visitor and when at the entrance the QR Code can be put up to the camera and building access can be granted. Go here to learn more about Video Intercom Solutions!

ButterflyMX Intercom packages 

The ButterflyMX intercom consists of a touchscreen interface which sits at the front of your building. The second part of the system is a mobile app which is downloaded on your smartphone. ButterflyMX intercom systems packages start at $3500.00!

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12 Aug 2018

Video Intercom System for your Chicago Property

Intercoms for Chicago
Price effective Video Intercoms

Video Intercom Systems for Apartment Buildings and Office Buildings

Seeing is Believing

The major benefit of having a properly deployed Video Intercom System is the ability to see people on a video display before you grant them access to your property or building. A multi-tenant video intercom system will also give your tenants the ability to see who they are letting into the building before they give them access.

Personal touch Video Intercom System

Aside from the obvious benefits of seeing who is being granted access to the building Video Intercom Systems are elegant and add a professional look to your entrance and provides added value to your tenants. Go to a building with a video Intercom system and you won’t be disappointed. With today’s IP based Video Intercom System technology, the video display is large and has great resolution. The video intercom systems are also reliable, easy to program, and maintain. There are also recording features and management features not available in regular intercoms.

Being able to visually interact provides a personal touch when you interact with guests, tenants, and visitors. It also gives your tenants a better personalized experience when they are interacting with guests and staff.

IP Based Video Intercom System

Today’s newer video intercom systems are also IP based. What does IP based video intercom mean? Well it means it sits on a network and uses the universal network communications protocol IP. Most of today’s surveillance cameras, network video recorders, access control systems are all IP enabled also. This means you can integrate the systems and tie them together to give you a broader, more secure, and feature rich security and building entrance and management system. Our Chicago based video Intercom systems benefit your tenants, property managers and guests.

The IP enable video intercom system also is easier to install. Because it uses network technology you don’t need to wire as much as a traditional voice intercom. You don’t have to hardwire phone extensions into every apartment you use a SIP interface which is a virtual phone line used in IP. What this means is less wiring costs, easier to support multiple buildings and the ability to support many more devices. IP enabled video Intercom systems also give you a ton of features, you can put the systems in different modes where calls go to the security desk first, this is nice for overnight do not disturb scenarios

Where to use Video Intercom Systems for your Chicago property


Give your staff the ability to confirm the identity of visitors and vendors before giving them access. Today’s video intercom systems have great video images, and clear audio.

Inter-Office Communication

With a properly deployed Video Intercom access system you can locate and speak with employees in any part of the building. You can page individuals make emergency announcements or tie into paging systems

Internal Security

You can also integrate and have a video intercom system with access control. Video Intercoms have built in card access readers and access control pads.

Parking & Garages

Video Intercom systems can also be used at gate entrances and stanchions, so the attendants can speak with the visitor

Loading Dock and Open areas

You can also use video intercom systems on loading docks and other garaged areas where you would like to have face to face communication versus just a voice interaction.

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