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17 Sep 2018

Paxton Access Control Net2 is great for protecting your Chicago building

Paxton Net2
Paxton Access Control is a reliable keyless door entry solution.

Paxton NET2 IP Based Keyless Entry

Paxton Access Control Net2 is a keyless door entry system leveraging network based technologies like IP, and Ethernet. What this means is you don’t have a bunch of different systems doing the same things on a bunch of different platforms.  We converge everything on a robust hi-speed IP data network. We chose Paxton as our door access control partner, because their technology was built from the ground up based on IP and IP network technologies, versus some of the other vendors who have bolted on these newer features on to an older platform. IP enabled systems are really what opens up the systems and gives you a ton of features, manageability, and reliability. This is Paxton Access Control IP enabled systems.

Paxton Access Control Feature Rich

Paxton’s Net2 Access Control is a feature rich, reliable, flexible network enabled access control and door entry system. The Paxton Net2 system is managed from a central PC, and communicates to the readers, controllers, and systems over an IP network. Paxton Access Control is also easy to install, and designed to make the management of any building simple. As an installer it’s easier because Paxton Net2 offers a range of IP, battery powered, door entry and wireless or wired door controllers.

Paxton Net2 Wireless features

By utilizing IP-based network technologies Paxton Access Control provides many features. Wired Access Control, Wireless Access Control and Video Door Entry. Using Net2 PaxLock gives you the ability to use wireless in a door handle by communicating via wireless to the control server. This saves wiring and installation costs. The Net2 video entry solution provides a entry touch panel that has a directory and two way camera to provide an elegant front entrance solution.

Paxton Access Control Software features

Since Paxton’s Accces Control is built on IP technologies they offer an extensive array of software features. You can have an unlimited number of workstations that can access the administrative and management interface. You can also grant the administrators different management levels and give them as much or as little authority to control the Net2 system as needed. Paxton’s Net2 software also has great reporting and you can view events in real time. The software also has anti-passback features, and Landlord features that gives you advanced security and permissions options.

Paxton Net2 Easy to expand

Another value of Paxton’s access control IP architecture is its ability to expand. Adding a new door or integrating a new features is similar to adding a PC on a network. The system auto discovers and is also SIP compatible, meaning it’s not necessary to have telephone connections. Doors can be answered from smartphone table or PC. The Net2 entry panel also displays the occupant by name and can be interfaced with a video camera surveillance system.

Paxton Access Control Readers

Paxton Access Control also offers a wide variety of reasonably priced readers. They include the standard P Series reader, energy saving readers, long range readers and a marine reader, built to withstand severe weather. The readers, controllers and systems can also be run over POE. Power over Ethernet means the system does not need to be hard wired with electrical inputs. The readers and controllers can get their power from a POE ethernet switch.

Paxton Net2 Integration Partners

Paxton Net2 easily integrates with other security systems so you can have a complete solution. It integrates with intruder alarm systems, fire alarm systems, camera systems and biometric systems. Some of the video management approved integrations include: Milestone, QVIS, HIK Vision, JVC, Pelco and others. Biometric solution partners include: bioconnect, IDEMIA, ievo and many others. Please contact IT Risk Managers LLC for a full list of approved integration partners. Go here on tips to keep your door entrance system healthy!

For more information

If you have further questions about Paxton Access Control or would like a quote please email or call Rick Bolda at 630-918-7370

28 Aug 2018

IT Companies Best Friend a NOC

IT Companies
IT Companies need a NOC to support your Business IT support needs

Why is a NOC important for your business and an IT Companies’ IT Support solution

A Network Operations Center or NOC is a key piece to any successful IT support platform. A NOC is a place where network performance data, server performance data and IT system characteristics can be collected and analyzed to make sure your company’s systems are highly available and working how they’re supposed to be working. The information collected in the NOC is vital to all IT Companies.

Automated Services at a NOC

At a NOC many things can be done automatically. For instance server patches, server updates and network updates can be pushed out to your systems to keep them updated and less vulnerable to Cyber-security attacks that takes advantage of systems that haven’t been patched or updated. IT Companies rely on information generated by the NOC to support your Network and keep it secure.

White-listing at the NOC

However before those patches and updates can be deployed and pushed out its a good idea to have them white-listed. IT Companies have a process to evaluate patches called white-listing. Which means the patches and updates safe to be rolled out. A tier 3 NOC Engineer does this task. So an important part of a NOC service are the NOC engineers reviewing the systems and reviewing the alerts and performance data so they can keep your systems highly available for your company. IT Companies maintain NOC 3 engineers to support your systems.

How to Afford a NOC

Although a larger company has the resources available to manage, maintain, and support a Network Operations Center most small and medium size business simply can’t support or afford a NOC. Since the NOC is so vital to a successful small and medium business IT Support platform what is the solution?

Well IT Companies who provide a Managed IT Service is the answer. What my IT support company, IT Risk Managers does is provide an affordable NOC service to small and medium businesses. By spreading out the cost to other small and medium size businesses the Managed IT Service company can make the platform affordable to all their clients!

IT Companies Need a NOC!

When you make a decision on an Managed IT service company or on any IT Company make sure they have a NOC in place with Tier 3 NOC engineers. This is the only way you can make sure your Business IT systems are managed properly and will not fail.

Hope this information helps you make the right decision when choosing a Managed IT service company. Go here to see more info on  Managed IT Service providers.


If you have further questions or need more info call Rick Bolda at 630-918-7370 or email



27 Aug 2018

A Cyber Security Team Makes sense

Cyber Security Team
Cyber Security teams play an important role in stopping hackers

Why a cyber security team makes sense for your business

As more regulations are enacted governing the management and securing of data it’s imperative that today’s small, medium or large businesses puts the measures, policies and strategies in place to protect their data which may contain trade secrets vital financial info employee info and other confidential data. A Cyber Security team can help.

Successful Cyber Security Strategies

There are several important steps to take to have a successful IT security strategy. Usage policies, user guidelines and end user best practices are all important but the most important piece is to have the right cyber security team in place to watch your systems to make sure your systems don’t get hacked. And be able to take preventive action in the event an attack occurs

How you react to a Cyber attack is key

Can you say your small or medium business could react fast enough to stop a cyber attack? Most larger businesses have the cyber security support, cyber incident response team and the cyber security team in place to stop an attack and recover from the cyber attack. However for small businesses it makes sense to have a Managed IT security team as a partner. Hackers spend 24/7 trying to penetrate, breach and steal your data. To combat these attackers you must have an IT Security support solution in place.

A cyber security team is the answer!

This is a team that’s going to help you stop an attack and react with the right steps in the event your Business is attacked or hacked. IT security teams rely on several tools to make sure you’re systems, networks and data are safe. A good managed cyber security team would implement an SIEM solution in your business.


What’s an SIEM

An SIEM or Security Incidence and Event management solution is what generates the telemetry and data information to the cyber security team do they can do their jobs. The SIEM tool generates alerts and notifications in the event data traffic coming in and out of your network appears to be malicious and or matches hack attack characteristics. And if it’s serious enough after review by a cyber security expert at the SOC or Security Operations Center actions can be taken to shut down the attack and fix the vulnerability


Leading SIEMs

Some of today’s leading SIEM platforms are; IBM Security QRadar, Alien Vault, Trustwave, Black Stratus – Cyber Shark


IT Security Experts

A cyber security team has a very specific job. Expecting your internal people to be able to manage and maintain a 24/7 cyber security solution is not realistic. Today’s cyber security experts have a very specialized expertise. And they work on cyber security full time. This is the attention and focus today’s IT Security expert needs. It’s not a part time endeavor. If you want to help your IT team do them a favor and compliment them with a full time Managed IT security service to back them up.

Go here to see the business leaders guide to stopping hackers!

If you have further questions about IT Security solutions feel free to call or email Rick Bolda 630-918-7370,

15 Aug 2018

5 ways to keep your Network Cable Installation clean and organized

Structured Cabling
Use these tips to keep your network cable installation organized

5 ways to keep your Network Cable Installation clean and organized

As IT Pro’s we all have had experiences with “Network Cabling Chaos”.  You complete a wonderful Network Cable Installation project then in a few months the network cable installation you just did is not recognizable. The cables seem to be thrown all over the place. And what was once structured organized Category 6 cabling has become a mess.

Here are a few tips to make sure your network cable installation and structured cabling project remains organized. No one wants to walk into a data center that is a complete mess. It reflects badly on the IT department and no one wants the boss to see what should be an organized network cable installation turn into a mess. It also makes it very hard to troubleshoot problems and trace out lines in the event you have an issue.

  1. Have one person responsible for maintaining the cabling organization. This person should be the only one allowed to do or supervise moves, adds, or changes, to patch cables, labeling, and racks. This makes sense. Then this person will treat the structured cabling plant as their own. This person does not have to be a network cable installation expert. He can even manage the network cable installation team. They just need to have a basic understanding of structured cable organization, network cable installation bets practices. Consider BISCI as a resource they have a ton of information related to best practice network cable installation and structured cable installation.
  2. Another great tip is to use shorter patch cables. 1’ to 2’ patch cables are readily available and make ideal cross connect cables. Also order patch cables without the boot or the rubber tip on the end for your network cable installation. The boots on the end of the patch cables make them very hard to pull out of the switches and patch panels. The patch panel will look fantastic with the shorter patch cables. There will be no tangled patch cables. You will be able to see where the cables are plugged into. It’s a great finishing touch to your network cable installation project.
  3. Remove all unused and old cabling before running new cable, especially old telephone cable. This is not always the easiest thing to do but well worth it. Sometimes in the ceilings you may see cable that’s over 20 years old. But if it’s old flat cable or old Category 3 cable it’s worth removing. And many times, you can use the structured cabling components like the j hooks, and cable trays and other fasteners for your network cable installation project. Beware areas above ceiling drops are super dusty wear a protective dust mask.
  4. Take the time to have a standardized labeling method. Label the cables on both ends, label the patch panels, label the racks, and follow a standard. What I mean by standard is labeling the closet, the rack the patch panel port, and the faceplate side. On the face plate side, you may have a label 2-3-46 which may signify the cable to this faceplate or wall plate is run to closet 2, rack 3 and port 46. This will keep your network cable installation organized and easy to trace lines in the event you have to troubleshoot, add new Category 6 cable runs or move Category 6 cables.
  5. Velcro tape! Use it. It’s the duct tape of the cabling world. Flexible and easily opened and closed for patch cables and rack cables. You should also consider using it for your cable runs when you need to bundle a bunch of Category 6 cable runs. This will make your network cable installation project easy to manage and move cables when necessary. It’s also a safer to use on your cables versus regular tie wraps. Tie wraps can damage the Category 6 cable.

Hope this helps for the next time you have a network cable installation project or structured cabling project.

If you need help with a network cable installation project we can help. We do Category 6 Cabling, fiber optic cable installation, we clean up data centers and are specialists in structured cabling.

Here is some information on the  Seabiscuit of Fiber Optic Cable Installation

Please call Rick Bolda at 630.918.7370 for a consultation or email for more information.

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