Physical access control is a matter of who, where, and when. An access control system determines who is allowed to enter or exit, where they are allowed to exit or enter, and when they are allowed to enter or exit. Historically, this was partially accomplished through keys and locks. When a door is locked, only someone with a key can enter through the door, depending on how the lock is configured. Mechanical locks and keys do not allow restriction of the key holder to specific times or dates. Mechanical locks and keys do not provide records of the key used on any specific door, and the keys can be easily copied or transferred to an unauthorized person. When a mechanical key is lost or the key holder is no longer authorized to use the protected area, the locks must be re-keyed

03 Oct 2018

Business Security Systems Packages

The Cloud and IP are powering today’s Business Security Systems

Cloud technologies, IP and Network Technologies have made securing today’s office buildings, apartment buildings and retail outlets more cost effective, reliable, and seamless.  Today’s Business Security systems leverage IT Technologies to give you a better solution. The right IP Based Security systems provides better reporting and interfaces because they were specifically developed for networking communication. It is easy to interface between platforms, IE camera systems, environmental control systems, video intercom systems and biometric systems because of the protocols, standards, and software developed around the Internet Protocol. One company may be very good at Biometric readers and technology, and another good at keyless entry and because of the shared standards and protocols of IP they can work together.

IT Risk Managers LLC uses the latest IP enabled Business Security Systems

Some of the older systems were developed on rs232 serial and analog platforms, and IP became a bolted on feature. The business security systems offered by IT Risk Managers LLC were developed leveraging the Internet Protocol and its simple communications standards. With a properly deployed access control system safe and secure entry is only a swipe away. Today’s access control systems, card access control systems, swipe card door access control systems can use the cloud, wired ethernet, and wireless networks to deliver services to your tenants, employees, contractors, managers and security teams.

Business Systems Security Packages by IT Risk Managers 

IT Risk Managers LLC is a leading Chicago based business security systems integrator utilizing the latest in cloud, and IP to deliver outstanding card access control systems, FOB door entry systems, and keyless electronic lock systems. We have developed several door access control packages to meet the needs of your Chicago office, Chicago apartment, or commercial office building. Keyless door entry systems can also be used for distribution facilities, warehouses, loading docks, and other large commercial facilities that have property and resources that need protection. Below are some IP enable business security systems packages to help protect your property and resources.

Paxton Wired Access Control System Packages

Paxton Net2
Access Control Systems package from Paxton, 2 POE+, 2 Door Controllers, 2 P50 Readers, Enrollment Reader, 10 Key Fobs, Pro-Software, 2 Magnetic Locks, $1795.00  



Paxton Access Control
Paxton Single Door Kit, Net2 Single Door, Telephone Monitor, Surface Mount Dialer, Door Controller, Pro-Software, ENtrnace Logging, 1 Magnetic Lock, $1795.00

PDK Wireless/Keyless Door Entry




PDK Wireless Access Control
PDK Wireless/Keyless Door Entry ProData 8 Door Keyless, No wiring needed! Cloud Node, 8 Door Controller, 8 Strikes, Power Supply, 50 26Bit Fobs, 8 Mullion Readers $4995.00                            

Hi-Speed IP Enabled Business Security Systems

Today’s hi-speed networked wireless, and wired keyless entry and access control systems need to be installed by professionals who have experience in low voltage wiring and electrical systems. They also need experience in IT networks. Today’s business security systems are advanced and since they are based on IP they are also networked. When you deploy today’s IP enabled access control systems it is important the network supporting the access control systems be installed by IT Professionals. You also need trained professionals to make sure you leverage all the features and functions of the business security systems.

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17 Sep 2018

Paxton Access Control Net2 is great for protecting your Chicago building

Paxton Net2
Paxton Access Control is a reliable keyless door entry solution.

Paxton NET2 IP Based Keyless Entry

Paxton Access Control Net2 is a keyless door entry system leveraging network based technologies like IP, and Ethernet. What this means is you don’t have a bunch of different systems doing the same things on a bunch of different platforms.  We converge everything on a robust hi-speed IP data network. We chose Paxton as our door access control partner, because their technology was built from the ground up based on IP and IP network technologies, versus some of the other vendors who have bolted on these newer features on to an older platform. IP enabled systems are really what opens up the systems and gives you a ton of features, manageability, and reliability. This is Paxton Access Control IP enabled systems.

Paxton Access Control Feature Rich

Paxton’s Net2 Access Control is a feature rich, reliable, flexible network enabled access control and door entry system. The Paxton Net2 system is managed from a central PC, and communicates to the readers, controllers, and systems over an IP network. Paxton Access Control is also easy to install, and designed to make the management of any building simple. As an installer it’s easier because Paxton Net2 offers a range of IP, battery powered, door entry and wireless or wired door controllers.

Paxton Net2 Wireless features

By utilizing IP-based network technologies Paxton Access Control provides many features. Wired Access Control, Wireless Access Control and Video Door Entry. Using Net2 PaxLock gives you the ability to use wireless in a door handle by communicating via wireless to the control server. This saves wiring and installation costs. The Net2 video entry solution provides a entry touch panel that has a directory and two way camera to provide an elegant front entrance solution.

Paxton Access Control Software features

Since Paxton’s Accces Control is built on IP technologies they offer an extensive array of software features. You can have an unlimited number of workstations that can access the administrative and management interface. You can also grant the administrators different management levels and give them as much or as little authority to control the Net2 system as needed. Paxton’s Net2 software also has great reporting and you can view events in real time. The software also has anti-passback features, and Landlord features that gives you advanced security and permissions options.

Paxton Net2 Easy to expand

Another value of Paxton’s access control IP architecture is its ability to expand. Adding a new door or integrating a new features is similar to adding a PC on a network. The system auto discovers and is also SIP compatible, meaning it’s not necessary to have telephone connections. Doors can be answered from smartphone table or PC. The Net2 entry panel also displays the occupant by name and can be interfaced with a video camera surveillance system.

Paxton Access Control Readers

Paxton Access Control also offers a wide variety of reasonably priced readers. They include the standard P Series reader, energy saving readers, long range readers and a marine reader, built to withstand severe weather. The readers, controllers and systems can also be run over POE. Power over Ethernet means the system does not need to be hard wired with electrical inputs. The readers and controllers can get their power from a POE ethernet switch.

Paxton Net2 Integration Partners

Paxton Net2 easily integrates with other security systems so you can have a complete solution. It integrates with intruder alarm systems, fire alarm systems, camera systems and biometric systems. Some of the video management approved integrations include: Milestone, QVIS, HIK Vision, JVC, Pelco and others. Biometric solution partners include: bioconnect, IDEMIA, ievo and many others. Please contact IT Risk Managers LLC for a full list of approved integration partners. Go here on tips to keep your door entrance system healthy!

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13 Aug 2018

5 Things to Know about Keeping your Card Access Control Systems healthy

Door Access Control Systems
Card Access Control Systems, Keyless Door Entry, Door Access Control

5 Things to Know about Keeping your Card Access Control Systems healthy


Keep your Card Access Control Systems Updated

The heart of your Card Access Control Systems is the computer hosting the card access control operating system and database. Sometimes these computers are hardened systems provided by the vendor or regular windows PCs where the Card Access Control Systems software is loaded. If the computer system hosting the card access control systems software is not up to date and maintained properly it could shut your door entrance system down. If the door controller’s firmware is not updated it could shut down the system. Ask your vendor how often they update and review the health of the computer system and access control door controller’s operating systems.


Have the Right Power Protection for your Card Access Control Systems

Having the right power protection in place is key to maintaining a healthy Card access control system for your building. A properly sized Un-Interruptible Power Supply (UPS) will protect your systems from power surges and keep the system functioning in the event of a power failure or other catastrophic power event. Have your vendor explain the power protection solution they have in place for your systems, so you can make sure you are protected. Also ask them how often the UPS batteries are inspected because the batteries have a 2 to 3-year lifespan.


Audit the Data Base of the Card Access Control System

It is recommended that a quarterly audit be done of the access control data base. The data base is where all the user information is hosted. Who has key cards and fobs. What access they have and when do they have access. Are there tenants who have left the building that still have access? Are there ex-employees who still have access? Is there any strange activity going on where access is being granted where it shouldn’t be? A simple report may be available that can be reviewed quarterly.

Check the controllers

Where the computer hosting your solution is the heart of the system the controller boards are its eyes and ears. These boards communicate with the main card access control system to open the door for this card! Yes, this key card is valid let the person in. It’s important that these boards be visually inspected for wear at least annually. The controller boards also need to be updated annually with the latest firmware to insure they are functioning properly and the system remains software bug free. It’s also a good idea to know the age of your controller boards and to have your vendor keep replacements on hand in case of a failure.

Maintain the Door Strikes of the Card Access Control Systems

Door strikes must be maintained properly to keep your door access control system functioning correctly. The door strike plate is affixed to the doorjamb. When the door is closed the bolt extends into the hole in the strike plate and holds the doors closed. If a door strike is not engaging properly your doors will not lock and anyone can gain entrance. The strikes can also be lubricated and cleaned to extend life. A visual inspection monthly is a good idea. A work order system making the door strike a priority need is also a good idea.

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12 Jun 2018

5 Things to consider when installing elevator access control systems

Elevator Access Control SystemsElevator Access Control and your Building

5 Things to consider when installing elevator access control

It is becoming increasingly popular to control security and floor access in multi floor buildings and hi-rise buildings by connecting your elevator control system with an access control system. The system is set up so an access card is needed to operate some or all of the floor selection buttons in the elevator car. This allows a card reader to be installed in the elevator. Swiping a card across the reader gives the user access to the floors as programmed in the management interface.

This gives the building manager and security manager the ability to provide access to certain floors at certain times for the card holders. For example; employees who work in the Marketing department on the 5th floor may be denied elevator access to the Data Center on the 7th floor. Janitorial teams may be provided access at scheduled times only is another example. Contractors could be allowed elevator and floor access for a limited period of time.

PC Interface for Elevator Access Control

A PC based interface gives you the ability to manage access and control of the system through an easy to use intuitive application on a PC. Access to the management interface can be provided through a network connection so any PC sharing the same network can be given access to manage the system. This means multiple individuals can be given rights to create users, manage user’s profiles and program access times and entrance rights.

Experienced Elevator Access Control

It is important that the company installing the access control system in the elevator have a good handle on all the electronic parts of an elevator control system. That’s not to so say it’s necessary your access control company is an elevator expert, but knowledge of the I/O and control boards is necessary. This will save you from finger pointing between the elevator company and access control company in the event there are issues.

Issues with Elevator Access Control

A software based access control system definitely has many benefits, they are easier to manage and program, but there can be issues also. Sometimes there can be delays between the time the card swipes the reader to the time the elevator operates. This is because the elevator controls look to the access control software to make its decision whether to grant access or not. There are options to have access control run directly from the I/O board instead of the software system. Card swipes the swipe is identified as a valid entry in the access control software, the access control software tells the elevator control start. All though this maybe a 1-2 second delay your access control vendor needs to take the delay into consideration and mitigate it through proper cabling and a proper network solution.

Licensing for Elevator Access Control

Be cautious of on-going license costs to operate your elevator access control solution. Some companies look to charge an up-front licensing fee to use their software and charge an annual fee for updates. They also may provide different licenses to do different things. For instance; the base license may not open-up all the features of the system. You may not get access to an IP camera interface, or the ability to do reporting and get data base access. To get the full license may require you to pay upgrade fees and higher annual renewal fees.

Integration with Elevator Access Control

Elevator access control is not the single answer to building security. Consider integrating the access control system with a camera surveillance system. With the proper integration video clips of people entering and using the elevator access control system card can be cross referenced and audited to insure the cards are not being shared improperly. Consider using readers on all building entrances, this can be the first line of defense. Readers can also be added to halls and other office entrances on each floor to provide tighter measures.

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