Brivo Onair Cloud Access Control

Are you looking for a robust and highly secure remote security solution for your building without the hassle and expense of
costly computer hardware? Choose Brivo Onair Cloud Access Control installed by leading Chicago security company IT Risk
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Property and Facility Managers Are leading the Charge for Cloud-Based Access Control

Chicago Area Property Managers and Facility Managers are being tasked with protecting their tenants in this new Covid touchless era in many ways. Savvy Commercial Property Managers including Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCAs), Association Management Specialists (AMS) Certified Apartment Managers (CAMs), Certified Property Managers (CPMs) are being tasked with giving access to their buildings and facilities in ways that will protect their properties and also adhere to local Covid opening and closing guidelines. Chicago Office Building, Apartment Building, and Condominium owners must be able to demonstrate they took the right steps and took due diligence in protecting their tenants, renters, visitors, and employees in the event of a Covid breakout. This may also help protect ownership in the event of litigation, or negative publicity related to the pandemic.

With the onset of the Covid era, Property and Facility Managers must also address local ordinances, guidelines, and regulations regarding the opening and closing of their shared amenity areas. Entrance to spaces including, shared office areas (business centers), mail rooms, meeting spaces, fitness areas, pool areas, lobby areas, laundry rooms, party rooms, and lounge rooms must be managed, maintained, and controlled.


Chicago Brivo Installer IT Risk Managers LLC hears the Call!

A Brivo cloud-based access control system installed by IT Risk Managers LLC can meet many of these requirements and demands. Traditionally an access control system for your Chicago building or facility was used to control entry and exit of the exterior doors of buildings. Access control also referred to as keyless entry systems, or fob-based door entry, was used to manage and control doors to interior facilities also. However, with PropTech revolution and the Pandemic, access control is being asked to do much more.

Leading Chicago Brivo installer IT Risk Managers LLC is meeting the challenge. Now with Brivo Access Control the system can be used to manage and maintain mailrooms, enable virtual door-person solutions, empower your employees to deliver better services and amenities to your property. Brivo enables home automation, gives property owner better insights, integrates with property management systems, security and camera systems.


Brivo Access not just Access Control Anymore

Today’s Brivo Onair and Brivo access control systems installed by Chicago based Brivo installer IT Risk Managers LLC can accomplish much more. Using Brivo cloud-based access control will allow you to give your tenants, property managers, employees, visitors more safety and security then ever before. Brivo cloud-based technologies allow touchless entry to any area or door you would like controlled. It can also act like a virtual door person for the front entrance to your Chicago apartment building. Chicago offices can also benefit from touchless elevator access control and touchless entry. Tenants, security staff can also allow visitors in touch free with minimal interaction from any location in the world via a mobile app. Codes to enter doors can be texted to delivery people, food service people, and maintenance people. The visitors, maintenance people, delivery people can be given a time window to enter building and the access to the building is then turned off after the time period window expires. And all these visitor entrances are logged and recorded. In the event of safety incidences or for data gathering purposes you can know how many people entered front entrances, amenity entrance doors and other service doors. This type of data can trigger events such as the need to clean areas because of heavy traffic, alerting of inappropriate use of certain areas, or the need to implement better control and management of other entries and common areas.

The Components of Access Control

In the past Access Control Security and Keyless door entry systems were kept on-premise. On premise means the user data base computer, the controller management computer, and all the systems were kept on the building property. IP based security access control systems and keyless door entry systems can now be powered and enabled by the cloud. Traditional hardwired systems, and on-site keyless entry systems are no longer necessary and do not make business sense.

Let’s step back a little and discuss the main components of a Keyless Entry System or Access Control System.

Card Readers:

These are the devices that are used to read an access card or door
fob electronically. There are a few different types of card readers.
There is an insertion type. This is where the card is inserted into the
reader and after the credentials are verified entrance is given. There is
also a proximity type of reader. This is where the FOB or card is passed


across the reader about 3” away, and entrance is given. The reader reads the security credentials embedded in the fob or card and allows entry based on that information. Brivo readers installed by Chicago based license private alarm contractor IT Risk Managers LLC come in several flavors. Single Gang, Mullion, and Keypad. You can see the technical specifications of Brivo readers here. Also, when using the Brivo Mobile Pass App card readers are not a requirement. You can go to the Brivo Mobile app and open the door that way. Please contact your IT Risk Managers LLC security systems representative to custom design a Brivo Access solution for your security needs.

Access Control Keypads:

The Access Control Keypads provided by Brivo and IT Risk Managers LLC are used in conjunction with Card readers or can be used in place of them. The keypad looks like a touch tone telephone keypad. If you need controlled access to your building the person would enter the correct code into the numeric keypad. And based on the proper code entrance.

Access Cards and Fobs:

These are essentially electronic keys. Fobs, and cards have a special electronic code embedded in them. The embedded code is read by the reader and entrance is given or denied based on the code presented. Brivo has Brivo Mobile App that is designed for smart phones, including Smart Phones and Androids. With Brivo Mobile Pass App any door that’s on a Brivo Access System can be opened with the smart phone. In this scenario you would not need to swipe a card, just by pressing a button the door will be opened. Also, there is a smart location service built in to the Brivo Access Mobile Pass that will let you know which door you are approaching.

Electric Locking Hardware:

These are the locks that are opened electronically after the proper credentials are presented. When a properly enabled fob or card is swiped it triggers the system to enable the power to open the lock automatically. The types of locks which integrate with Brivo Access Control are Allegion, Assa Abloy, and Salto. IT Risk Managers LLC has security and access control technicians that can determine the best electronic locking solution to meet your needs. These locks are wireless and can be triggered by using the Brivo Mobile application as well.

Access Control Controllers:

Controllers are the traffic police of the access control systems. They are the gateway to the Main Access Control Computer. They are the intelligence that connects the electronic locks, readers, and to the main systems. They usually manage several doors. They contain the relays and electronic switching boards that enable locks to be opened, based on the credentials provided via the key cards. A fob or key card is presented the reader, the credential is transmitted to the controller which then communicates to the main control Access Control Server Computer, which has the database and credentials that notifies the controller that entrance can be granted.

Access Control Server Computer:

The access control server is where the central user database is stored. It truly is the brains of the entire system. It records and logs all the data that is transmitted from the controllers and readers. It’s where all the credentials are programmed in, so the systems know who is allowed access, what they are allowed access to, and when they are allowed access. This is the server that houses the access control software. For Brivo Access this server is in the cloud. Chicago Brivo Installers, IT Risk Managers LLC has the team that understands the cloud and has the right certified Brivo techs to do the job.

PropTech and Brivo Access Control Systems

When you use top Chicago Brivo installer IT Risk Managers LLC, you’ll be joining the PropTech Revolution. The PropTech movement is disrupting the traditional way of managing real estate, office buildings, condominiums, and apartment complexes. When you think of PropTech you may be thinking of Zillow, OpenDoor, Houzem even AirBnb. These are all companies that are using the cloud, the Internet and mobile applications to drive change in the real estate space. By using digital technology PropTech is changing the way real estate is marketed, rented, listed, sold and protected. Since most of this technology is cloud and IP network enabled, cloud-based access control is part of the PropTech movement. Today’s Property management systems are also now entirely cloud based. And if you haven’t started moving to cloud based management of your property you soon will be. This includes management of your HVAC systems, management of your camera systems, access control systems, alarm systems, water systems, etc. The onset of IoT (Internet of things) has empowered property mangers to gather more data, make better decisions when it comes to utility usage, provide tenants with better amenities, and drive efficiencies in the management of their buildings. IoT is a huge part of the PropTech revolution and IT Risk Managers’ Brivo installation team is leading the way.


PropTech Centric Brivo Access and Chicago Brivo Installer IT Risk Managers LLC

Every investment in the management, marketing, maintenance, protection and development of your real estate investment must be looked at from the PropTech perspective. The primary reason is the interoperability between the systems. Picture today’s tech savvy tenant. They are upwardly mobile spend most of their time using technology and want to continue to use it in their most important place, home. More and more property management systems can give mobile users information on rent payments, utilities, occupancies, work orders, scheduling amenities, package deliveries, visitor management and more. IP and the cloud are what is enabling these applications. These systems can now interoperate with each other because they are built on the Internet Protocol. Your tenant through IP enabled home automation solutions can turn on lights, manage temperature, even open blinds through mobile apps, or using Alexa. Access Control systems and Camera systems can now also be managed and accessed via smart phones, and integrations and interoperability between applications is growing exponentially. That’s why the proper investment in a Brivo cloud-based access control system is crucial. These systems are all being connected and integrated together. And Chicago Brivo Installation services by IT Risk Managers LLC will put you at the forefront of the PropTech movement.

The Importance of the Cloud and Brivo Access Control

Today’s access control systems can now be hosted and controlled in the cloud, and communications between the readers and door locks can be done wirelessly. Cloud based and wireless access control systems require less investment in wiring and on-premise computer systems. Brivo Access and Brivo On-Air systems are leading the charge when it comes to IP Enabled, cloud based, wireless access control systems, and IT Risk Managers has the Brivo techs to get the systems installed properly. The reason why Brivo is leading the way is their system was built from the ground up for the cloud, based on the Internet Protocol (IP). All the software was developed to communicate via the Internet Protocol from the beginning. This is important because many of the traditional Access Control Systems were built as on-premise technology and patched on cloud and IP based features later. When access control systems are hosted in the cloud it also means that Brivo can drive more features and updates to the systems. In the past updating on-premise Access Control systems meant doing on-site patching and updates. It was a big deal to do a release update. Time had to be scheduled where an access control security technician would have to come on site and complete a system update. Many times, the patching and version updating would interfere with normal operations of the equipment. Other times the workstation could not even be updated to the latest version because the computer workstation or server supporting the software needed to have its Windows version upgraded. Many property managers and facility managers who have been in the business for awhile probably recall the dreaded computer system upgrade for the access control security system. The reason why IT Risk Managers LLC is the right Brivo installation team for your Chicago project is we have certified Brivo Access installers and techs. Since Brivo Access is reliant on network and cloud technologies your Brivo installers need Information Technology backgrounds coupled with backgrounds in electrical work. Our Brivo installation services team include people that know how to configure IP networks, install wireless locks, and enable all the vast mobile features and capabilities that Brivo offers.

Get the Right Brivo Installation Team with IT Risk Managers LLC

For the most part the foundational pieces of Access Control are still in place with Brivo Access and Brivo OnAir its just many of the complexities of the systems are not noticeable to you the Brivo customer because they have moved everything to the cloud. The Access Control Server is now housed in the cloud. This means the systems are patched and updated there. No more Security tech site visits to patch the systems. Also, the controllers and communications between the different parts of the access control system are done via wireless networking. What this means for you is less wired infrastructure is needed. But it also means you need a Brivo installer that understand network and cloud technologies. Certified Chicago Brivo Installers IT Risk Managers LLC has the network and electrician specialists to make sure the Brivo equipment is installed properly.

Brivo Features and Functionality

Go Brivo Enjoy Matchless Protection with User Convenience

In today’s security market, cloud-based security access control platforms are rapidly becoming popular due to their excellent security features and convenience of use. These platforms provide various AI-based security systems and access control features such as video recording, door unlocking, visitor tracking, etc. through a web-based device. They have become an indispensable tool for the security and protection of any type of business. And presently, there is no better access control security solution in the market than Brivo Onair Cloud Access Control. And there is no one better to install then Chicago Brivo Installers IT Risk Managers.

What Is Brivo Onair Cloud Access Control?

Brivo Onair is a premium, innovative physical security provider in the industry who entered the market in 2002. The company gives a new perspective to access control. It integrated cloud with the access control to provide a comprehensive, robust and easy-to-use AI-based security system for users. The main objective of the system is to minimize the involvement of hardware in the security system and operate the entire system through the cloud. It replaces the conventional swipe card IDs and mobile phone door readers with an advanced cloud-based access control system. More and more companies are now switching their physical security to Brivo Onair cloud-based security system to reduce their costs of security hardware.

Why Brivo Cloud Access Control System?

Installing a traditional security system at your office building or premises will cost you much higher than installing the innovative Brivo security system. Moreover, when you have a conventional system installed at your place, you must spend money on its maintenance and constantly update the system for optimal security.

Plus, you need to add or remove employees’ credentials as they join or leave your company through a network computer or on-site terminal. And for this, you need the help of an expert. This entire process is quite inconvenient and expensive.

With the integration of Brivo Cloud Access control, you don’t have to deal with all such issues. As the Brivo system uses the cloud for communication with your panel and credentials verification, there is no need to have server-based systems. Alternatively, the Brivo system provides you with a modern interface for controlling any number of credentials and doors using your white-list, secure online connection and much more.

Benefits of Using Brivo Onair Cloud Access Control System

Mobile-Friendly and Intuitive Interface

The groundbreaking Brivo Onair system uses an intuitive and mobile-friendly interface. The uncluttered and functional interface of Brivo allows you to set groups, schedules and access for both your visitors and employees. It gives you a bird’s eye view of where you are going, where you are located and how you can reach your destination. You can also check and revamp your white-list with ease. Moreover, it provides you with quick and easy access from your mobile devices or desktop.

Smarter and Better Automation

The implementation of the Brivo Onair security solution gives you the power of automation. With it, you can automate each component and function of your security access control system. It saves your time, money and reduces your workload. You can easily manage your entire physical security from a single system.

Eliminate the Need for Brivo OnAir Cards

Pair your account with the Brivo OnAir app and operate it through your smartphone. This makes your building easily accessible while you are away. With a touch, you can lock or unlock doors. This technology is similar to the touch and taps technology and security that your smartphone has.

Custom Security Reporting

Brivo is a highly flexible and versatile security tool. As it allows the integration of security cameras, it provides you with real-time videos of the activity going on in your workspace. Additionally, it offers other security reporting customization options such as frequency, content, sources, delivery options.

Take Advantage of Secure Option

The Brivo security system offers encryption standards like server-based access control. The difference is you maintain a cloud account so that you can control the security software securely from any type of web browser, avoiding security risk. Your server does know how to communicate with the Brivo security system, but the signal never reflects from the cloud to the server. It means it is not possible to hack the connection. The same protocols apply to online shopping and banking system, which means you have trusted protection.

Conveniently Manage Multiple Sites

Whether you need security for a single site or multiple sites, the Brivo Onair security access control system provides a single contact point for managing all your sites. You can conveniently manage the number of apartment floors, warehouses, office suites and more just like you manage a single unit through an online cloud-based interface. Irrespective of the security scale, the use of Brivo Onair simplifies the entire security system and management.

Integrated Video Platform and Access Control

Brivo On-air unifies the experience of security remote video surveillance and access control. This enables you to have a clear view of your sites from any cloud-connected device and from anywhere. You can easily connect significant events of access control with recorded remote videos. This allows you to inspect the live feed of videos to better security and protect your building or sites.

Security Costs Reduction

The implementation of the Brivo Security System minimizes security costs significantly. You do not need to purchase expensive computer hardware. Plus, it lowers the operational expenses of your organization. Many businesses experienced up to 50% cost savings after the implementation of Brivo On-air cloud access control. This security protocol is extremely user-friendly for employees, employers, building security managers and building owners who require controlled access to the building.

Enjoy complete peace of mind with Brivo Onair, and top Chicago Access Control Installation Services by IT Risk Managers LLC!!

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