16 Sep 2018

ButterflyMX Intercom Systems are taking Chicago by Storm

ButterflyMX-The first smartphone enabled video entrance solution

Get ready the ButterflyMX Intercom system may be your next doorman

We’ve come a long way. And if you walk through Chicago neighborhoods or visit office buildings you are probably seeing more and more video entrance intercom systems. These video intercom systems have become virtual doorman. A Butterfly intercom system is an entrance system which features a touch screen at the building entrance. The system integrates a camera, a microphone and a directory. The greatest feature is the smartphone application that allows tenants to use the system. When you download the application on your phone and when you are given the right credentials by your property manager the Butterflymx Intercom becomes your virtual doorman.

Cloud Based Video Intercom System

ButterflyMX is the first cloud based smartphone intercom system. Butterflymx intercoms offer a variety of products for your Chicago office and property. Imagine not having to wire up a new intercom system and using smartphone and cloud based technologies to give your tenants a seamless entry experience. When using ButterflyMX’s technology visitors, tenants, deliveries, property managers and owners are given an elegant and reliable entrance solution enabled by the cloud and an application that can be downloaded right on your smart-phone.

Mobile Device Enabled

With the ButterflyMX intercom systems wherever you have access to a mobile device is where your doorman is. Tenants and property managers in any type of property can grant access to the front building entrance from anywhere they have access to a mobile device. ButterflyMX intercoms provides an elegant keyless experience at an affordable price.

IT Risk Managers LLC – Top ButterflyMX installer

ButterflyMX is in use throughout the United States. A leading Butterflymx intercom integrator IT Risk Managers LLC is rolling out the solution to dozens of buildings in Chicago. Matt Sommerfeldt, IT Risk Managers, CTO, was an early adopter. “When I found out I can offer my customers a smart-phone and cloud based intercom solution at such a reasonable price we had to make the move to ButterflyMX intercoms”-Matt Sommerfeldt, CTO, IT Risk Managers LLC.

Great Administrative Functions

ButterflyMX transforms any smartphone into a mobile video intercom system. Once the intercom has been installed and the app has been downloaded, a visitor calls from the intercom comes through the app as a video call wherever you are so you can view the visitor before granting them access to the building. The property management dashboard allows administrators to review door release logs for security as well as add, edit, and delete residents and manage panel settings.

How ButterflyMX works

Visitors at the entrance can scroll through a touchscreen contact list or type in a search box to find a resident. It’s similar to the smart phone contact directory. The visitor can call you, leave a message for you, or let you know you have a delivery. ButterflyMX will then send a notification to your smart phone. You can see your visitor right from the smart phone application. You can then swipe to grant the visitor access, decline access without the visitor knowing or you can tap to initiate a video call. You can also keep track of who you let in. The app also allows you to see messages from visitors. You can also give your visitors via a virtual key to get in for a limited period. A QR Code is generated and can be texted to your visitor and when at the entrance the QR Code can be put up to the camera and building access can be granted. Go here to learn more about Video Intercom Solutions!

ButterflyMX Intercom packages 

The ButterflyMX intercom consists of a touchscreen interface which sits at the front of your building. The second part of the system is a mobile app which is downloaded on your smartphone. ButterflyMX intercom systems packages start at $3500.00!

For more information or to schedule a call contact Rick Bolda at 630-918-7370. Or email rbolda@itriskmgrs.com

14 Sep 2018

Yammer a great Office 365 Tool and it’s free with Office 365

Use Office Yammer 365
Yammer Office 365 is a great communications tool

Yammer Office 365 Tool

Yammer Office 365 has replaced whiteboards for me. I admit it I was a whiteboard junkie. And I mean physical hanging on the wall erasable whiteboard junkie. I had 4 boards in my office and a large board in the conference room. And each of my team members had boards in their offices. I would track orders, projects, costs, margins, man-hours well you get the picture. But that was some time ago. I must admit I wasn’t really happy with other Microsoft products for bulletin board, whiteboard type needs. That is until I met Yammer! I’ve recently started using yammer and maybe you’ve already tried it but if you haven’t and you have Office 365 give it a go. Yammer is part of the Office 365 subscription.

Yammer Office 365 works like an office bulletin board 

It works like a company bulletin board or company whiteboard however conversations and postings are memorialized. It’s similar to Facebook but better in a business way. And you can easily scan previous conversations and postings quickly to see where things are at. You can put file attachments with postings. You can forward conversations. You can have a bunch of different groups and boards, that can be shared, made public or kept private, depending on how you want to use it. You can also look at attachments that are connected to the post. I wouldn’t use it as a project management tool Office 365 has other better project management tools. But as far as a communications tool and a bulletin board it’s great!

We use Yammer Office 365 very informally

On our company board I have techs who are posting what they’re up to for the day. For instance, I’m at Client ABC and I’m working with Janet on setting up her new laptop.Or John over at Company XYZ needs pricing on a few laptops. These aren’t formal help desk tickets just a heads up on different things going on like various projects, client information requests, vendor questions things like that. We use it very informally. I want to keep it upbeat and positive so people can communicate in an open team mate scenario. I don’t want to use it to micro mange people. It’s great for today’s generation Y flat organizational structure!

Other Useful Yammer Office 365 Features

Some of the other features that are useful is being able to attach files to posts. It maybe something as simple as a lunch outing invite or a more serious technical bulletin release that needs to be quickly distributed to the engineering team. It can also be configured on your smart-phone so you receive alerting when something is posted to a group you belong to or a response to a conversation thread occurs. You can also update and post from your smart phone.

Yammer Office 365 is free with your Office 365 subscription

And one of the best features is if you have Office 365 you can download Yammer and get started today. It’s actually a very simple uncomplicated tool. Start small with a couple of close team members and see how it goes. Then you can roll it out to larger groups and see better uses for it as you go along. Go here for more information on IT Managed Service offerings.

Good luck posting and of course if you have questions reach out to your ITRM tech. Or call Rick Bolda at 630-918-7370.

For more info you can also email info@itriskmgrs.com



28 Aug 2018

IT Companies Best Friend a NOC

IT Companies
IT Companies need a NOC to support your Business IT support needs

Why is a NOC important for your business and an IT Companies’ IT Support solution

A Network Operations Center or NOC is a key piece to any successful IT support platform. A NOC is a place where network performance data, server performance data and IT system characteristics can be collected and analyzed to make sure your company’s systems are highly available and working how they’re supposed to be working. The information collected in the NOC is vital to all IT Companies.

Automated Services at a NOC

At a NOC many things can be done automatically. For instance server patches, server updates and network updates can be pushed out to your systems to keep them updated and less vulnerable to Cyber-security attacks that takes advantage of systems that haven’t been patched or updated. IT Companies rely on information generated by the NOC to support your Network and keep it secure.

White-listing at the NOC

However before those patches and updates can be deployed and pushed out its a good idea to have them white-listed. IT Companies have a process to evaluate patches called white-listing. Which means the patches and updates safe to be rolled out. A tier 3 NOC Engineer does this task. So an important part of a NOC service are the NOC engineers reviewing the systems and reviewing the alerts and performance data so they can keep your systems highly available for your company. IT Companies maintain NOC 3 engineers to support your systems.

How to Afford a NOC

Although a larger company has the resources available to manage, maintain, and support a Network Operations Center most small and medium size business simply can’t support or afford a NOC. Since the NOC is so vital to a successful small and medium business IT Support platform what is the solution?

Well IT Companies who provide a Managed IT Service is the answer. What my IT support company, IT Risk Managers does is provide an affordable NOC service to small and medium businesses. By spreading out the cost to other small and medium size businesses the Managed IT Service company can make the platform affordable to all their clients!

IT Companies Need a NOC!

When you make a decision on an Managed IT service company or on any IT Company make sure they have a NOC in place with Tier 3 NOC engineers. This is the only way you can make sure your Business IT systems are managed properly and will not fail.

Hope this information helps you make the right decision when choosing a Managed IT service company. Go here to see more info on  Managed IT Service providers.


If you have further questions or need more info call Rick Bolda at 630-918-7370 or email info@itriskmgrs.com



27 Aug 2018

A Cyber Security Team Makes sense

Cyber Security Team
Cyber Security teams play an important role in stopping hackers

Why a cyber security team makes sense for your business

As more regulations are enacted governing the management and securing of data it’s imperative that today’s small, medium or large businesses puts the measures, policies and strategies in place to protect their data which may contain trade secrets vital financial info employee info and other confidential data. A Cyber Security team can help.

Successful Cyber Security Strategies

There are several important steps to take to have a successful IT security strategy. Usage policies, user guidelines and end user best practices are all important but the most important piece is to have the right cyber security team in place to watch your systems to make sure your systems don’t get hacked. And be able to take preventive action in the event an attack occurs

How you react to a Cyber attack is key

Can you say your small or medium business could react fast enough to stop a cyber attack? Most larger businesses have the cyber security support, cyber incident response team and the cyber security team in place to stop an attack and recover from the cyber attack. However for small businesses it makes sense to have a Managed IT security team as a partner. Hackers spend 24/7 trying to penetrate, breach and steal your data. To combat these attackers you must have an IT Security support solution in place.

A cyber security team is the answer!

This is a team that’s going to help you stop an attack and react with the right steps in the event your Business is attacked or hacked. IT security teams rely on several tools to make sure you’re systems, networks and data are safe. A good managed cyber security team would implement an SIEM solution in your business.


What’s an SIEM

An SIEM or Security Incidence and Event management solution is what generates the telemetry and data information to the cyber security team do they can do their jobs. The SIEM tool generates alerts and notifications in the event data traffic coming in and out of your network appears to be malicious and or matches hack attack characteristics. And if it’s serious enough after review by a cyber security expert at the SOC or Security Operations Center actions can be taken to shut down the attack and fix the vulnerability


Leading SIEMs

Some of today’s leading SIEM platforms are; IBM Security QRadar, Alien Vault, Trustwave, Black Stratus – Cyber Shark


IT Security Experts

A cyber security team has a very specific job. Expecting your internal people to be able to manage and maintain a 24/7 cyber security solution is not realistic. Today’s cyber security experts have a very specialized expertise. And they work on cyber security full time. This is the attention and focus today’s IT Security expert needs. It’s not a part time endeavor. If you want to help your IT team do them a favor and compliment them with a full time Managed IT security service to back them up.

Go here to see the business leaders guide to stopping hackers!

If you have further questions about IT Security solutions feel free to call or email Rick Bolda 630-918-7370, info@itriskmgrs.com

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