Yammer a great Office 365 Tool and it’s free with Office 365

Use Office Yammer 365

Yammer Office 365 is a great communications tool

Yammer Office 365 Tool

Yammer Office 365 has replaced whiteboards for me. I admit it I was a whiteboard junkie. And I mean physical hanging on the wall erasable whiteboard junkie. I had 4 boards in my office and a large board in the conference room. And each of my team members had boards in their offices. I would track orders, projects, costs, margins, man-hours well you get the picture. But that was some time ago. I must admit I wasn’t really happy with other Microsoft products for bulletin board, whiteboard type needs. That is until I met Yammer! I’ve recently started using yammer and maybe you’ve already tried it but if you haven’t and you have Office 365 give it a go. Yammer is part of the Office 365 subscription.

Yammer Office 365 works like an office bulletin board 

It works like a company bulletin board or company whiteboard however conversations and postings are memorialized. It’s similar to Facebook but better in a business way. And you can easily scan previous conversations and postings quickly to see where things are at. You can put file attachments with postings. You can forward conversations. You can have a bunch of different groups and boards, that can be shared, made public or kept private, depending on how you want to use it. You can also look at attachments that are connected to the post. I wouldn’t use it as a project management tool Office 365 has other better project management tools. But as far as a communications tool and a bulletin board it’s great!

We use Yammer Office 365 very informally

On our company board I have techs who are posting what they’re up to for the day. For instance, I’m at Client ABC and I’m working with Janet on setting up her new laptop.Or John over at Company XYZ needs pricing on a few laptops. These aren’t formal help desk tickets just a heads up on different things going on like various projects, client information requests, vendor questions things like that. We use it very informally. I want to keep it upbeat and positive so people can communicate in an open team mate scenario. I don't want to use it to micro mange people. It's great for today's generation Y flat organizational structure!

Other Useful Yammer Office 365 Features

Some of the other features that are useful is being able to attach files to posts. It maybe something as simple as a lunch outing invite or a more serious technical bulletin release that needs to be quickly distributed to the engineering team. It can also be configured on your smart-phone so you receive alerting when something is posted to a group you belong to or a response to a conversation thread occurs. You can also update and post from your smart phone.

Yammer Office 365 is free with your Office 365 subscription

And one of the best features is if you have Office 365 you can download Yammer and get started today. It’s actually a very simple uncomplicated tool. Start small with a couple of close team members and see how it goes. Then you can roll it out to larger groups and see better uses for it as you go along. Go here for more information on IT Managed Service offerings.

Good luck posting and of course if you have questions reach out to your ITRM tech. Or call Rick Bolda at 630-918-7370.

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