What Are The Biggest CYBER SECURITY THREATS To A Business?

IT Security threats

Internal Threats need to be considered when evaluating Cyber Security needs

Top Cyber Security Threats

Remember movies like Hackers where the biggest cyber security threats to a business were pimple faced, lone ranger type teenagers cleverly social engineered their way past the employees? Those days are long gone. Now, the biggest cyber security threats to a business come from its own employees. How can this be?

Cybercrime Syndicates

It all starts with money. Corporate cybercrime syndicates are the modern-day versions of the old time mafia mob. They can easily get their hooks into even the most loyal employees through bribery and even blackmail. These syndicates may even be part of a company’s biggest competitors. Think full-time employees, HR departments, project management teams, and team leaders. They may even operate out in the open and have their own Wikipedia pages. You may think this can never happen at your business, but it can internal employees are where most Cyber Security threats come from.

Small Time Cons

The biggest cyber security threat to a business may not be a major organized criminal ring. It could just be a small business that’s hungry for money. A malicious mom-and-pop business is just as capable as a major crime ring of doing big time cybercrime. Their focus is usually on money laundering schemes such as fraudulent credit card and bank transactions. They often advertise too good to be true services for their company’s size like 24/7 technical support and 100% money back guarantees. They also tell people they operate some form of internet marketing business. The trick they use is to get access to your systems through your users.

Intellectual Property Theft

Another major internal cyber security threat to a business is intellectual property theft. An employee may steal gigabytes of confidential information like patents, new product ideas, company secrets, financial information, business plans, and so on. They may sell this information to outside customers. They will then stay hidden within the company for as long as possible. In order to gain this information, they may eavesdrop on phone calls and important emails, raid the garbage and databases, and even develop their own malicious search tools.


You’ve probably heard of this one before. Phishing is a major hot button topic these days. It’s no wonder with how common it is for employees to make personal use of their computers at work. Phishing has become a widespread epidemic because it is so successful. Phishers often use a combination of deceptive websites and emails with social engineering. They use this to convince employees they are entering their personal information or logins into a legitimate website. In reality the phisher is stealing these details from them. They can then use this information to commit bigger cyber security crimes.

Bot Networks

Bot network operators often target businesses because they are likely to have a large number of devices with a lot of bandwidth. In fact, an employee may actually be persuaded to participate in uploading bot network malware to a business network. Bot networks are often rented out for financial gain. These networks are used for a variety of purposes such as spam, DDoS attacks, malware attacks, phishing, and other malicious activities that can’t be traced back to the originator.

Protecting Your Business From The Biggest Internal Security Threats

Of course, if you want to protect your business from the biggest cyber security threats, you need a team of IT security experts on your side that are experienced and knowledgeable in how to deal with a wide range of threats from all angles. We have been dealing with all forms of IT security threats for many years. We are fully certified to equip your business with the tools and knowledge you need to stay safe. Don’t wait for your business to fall victim to one of these or one of the many other internal security threats that can create a financial disaster! Contact us today to make sure your business stays safe from all types of cyber criminals.

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