Security Systems For Craft Growers

Security Systems For Craft Growers

Meet or Exceed Cannabis Craft Grower Security Requirements in the State of Illinois

The Illinois Department of Agriculture is responsible for the management and regulations related to Cannabis Craft Growers in the State of Illinois. A huge part of the application and regulation requirement is the ability to deploy security systems to prevent the theft or diversion of Cannabis.

Illinois Department of Agriculture regulations for Craft Growers

The Security requirements for Illinois Cannabis Craft Grower’s is covered in the Illinois Department of Agriculture Notice of Emergency Rules Part 1300.385. IT Risk Managers LLC Illinois Private Alarm Contractor License Number 127.001762 can help your Craft Grower operation meet or exceed the Security Requirements as outlined Section 1300.385 of the Emergency Rules.

IT Risk Managers has experience providing the Cannabis industry camera and CCTV security systems, access control systems, and visitor management systems.

Let’s look at the Section 1300.385 requirements:

Camera Systems and Security Systems for Craft Growers

A craft grower shall be required to operate and maintain in good working order a 24 hour, 7-days a week, closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance system.

  • The camera security system must record all building entrances and exits
  • The system must record all parking lot areas and rear alley areas
  • The system must cover the entire inside of facility
  • The access control system must manage access to all facility areas

It also outlines in detail technical camera requirements and other technical requirements that need to be met. Some of the technical requirements include camera resolution specifications, uptime and power requirements, exporting of image needs. Recording resolutions.

Cloud Based Security Systems for Cannabis Companies

Other system requirements include the ability to store recordings 90 days on-site and 90 days off-site to the cloud. And giving the Department and Law Enforcement agencies the ability to access the systems as needed 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Illinois Private Alarm Contractor for Craft Growers, Infusers and Dispensaries

As an Illinois Licensed Private Alarm Contractor IT Risk Managers LLC can provide Illinois Cannabis Craft Growers the systems and security plans they need to meet or exceed the Department of Agriculture regulations and requirements for Cannabis cultivation.

IT Risk Managers LLC specializes in cloud-based camera and surveillance systems. Our team consists of seasoned technical pros who work in conjunction with law enforcement to make sure the security needs of your grow operations are met.

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