Managed IT Services make sense for Non-Profits

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Managed IT Services for Nonprofits

Managed IT Services make sense for Non-Profit Organizations

Successful Non-Profit organizations are dedicated to furthering their social mission. Advocating for the primary goal of their organization, growing supporters, growing donors are all primary to the success of the non-profit. Nonprofit organizations are accountable to the donors, funders, volunteers, program recipients, and the public community. A key component to enabling the goals of a non-profit is technology. And this technology can be delivered through a Managed IT Services relationship.


Technology is key for Nonprofits

Using technology to initiate actions, make connections and grow awareness in their community is key to a successful nonprofit. These actions and tasks must be tracked and measured. A key component to a successful nonprofit is their technology platform. But making every dollar count and stretching resources is a daily concern for non-profit executive leadership. That is why a Managed IT Service relationship is key to a successful nonprofit organization.


Save Money with Managed IT Services

Let’s start with the biggest driver for using Managed IT Services as a solution for non-profit organizations. Cost! Non-profits have a daily struggle with funding initiatives, maintaining employees, meeting budgets and managing costs. With a Managed IT services partner, non-profits can enjoy the technical benefits of a stable IT platform without carrying the overhead and costs.


Managed IT Support and SMB Help Desk

For example; the key to good IT Support or a successful IT solutions platform is the help desk. Making sure your nonprofit employees and managers have the tools necessary to do their jobs is access to a good SMB Help Desk solution. Small Medium Businesses (SMBs) are getting more options and access to SMB help desks without having to build out and finance their own help desk solution. A Managed Service IT Company will have a good SMB Help Desk to meet your needs.


NOC for Managed IT Solutions

Another platform necessary to maintain the technology of your Nonprofit organization is a NOC. A Network Operations Center or NOC is a part of a successful IT Support platform. A NOC provides the network monitoring and network security to make sure your nonprofit’s IT systems are available and doing what they are supposed to be doing. The NOC is 24/7 managed by IT engineers and IT support staff who make sure the systems are up to date and running. The NOC is something that all companies need, to manage their IT solutions properly. However, building a NOC for your own business especially a nonprofit organization is cost prohibitive.


It's expensive to maintain Tier 3 engineers for non-profits

Another important piece to a successful IT Support and IT Solutions platform are network support, and network consulting people. These are the IT people that troubleshoot systems and fix things that can’t be resolved by the NOC or by the Help Desk. The issues are sometimes called Tier 3 support issues. Maintaining Tier 3 support is very expensive. A good Tier 3 support person may have a salary of $125k per year. All good managed IT services companies have several Tier 3 engineers. But as a nonprofit organization it doesn’t make sense to maintain a Tier 3 support team. It’s also very expensive!


Cybersecurity and the Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofit organizations have a lot of very important data. This data must be held in confidence. It may be donor data like tax info, social security numbers, addresses, and medical information. A good Managed IT Services firm will have a Cybersecurity team. The Cybersecurity team is responsible for making sure your company information and network doesn’t get breached. Hackers spend an enormous amount of time trying to hack systems. They especially attack vulnerable companies who can’t maintain full time cybersecurity teams to protect them. It would be very expensive to maintain a full-time cybersecurity expert to do what needs to be done to protect your non-profit organization’s’ data and systems. That’s why a good Managed IT Services firm can do this for you at a much less expensive cost.

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