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Who is watching your network?

Hello, I’m Rick Bolda, President of  IT Risk Managers.

Today, I will ask the question.

Who is watching your network?

Like all companies your IT department is pulled in different directions every day.

If they are like most IT staff, they work typical business hours.

So, if they are busy all day and are not at the office 24/7, who is keeping an eye on your network?

Probably no one!

The only thing that you can do is hope nothing too serious happens.

Keep in mind your system does not care what day or time it is.

Not exactly peace of mind!

The solution is a service that uses a Network Operations Center that can:

Watch server performance 24/7/365

By engineers.

Deliver real time alerts based on years of engineering experience.

Provide immediate response and corrective action on those alerts!

Provide regular systems maintenance and confirmed backups.

Provide regular systems  Maintenance and confirmed Backups.

Offer reporting tools to trend issues and avoid future downtime.

The Fortune 500 Companies have used these methods for years, finally it’s available for small and mid-market business.

There is no more efficient way to watch your network 24/7 and offer the peace of mind to executives.

Imagine if someone could watch your house or your car and give you notice before something breaks?

You would probably save a great deal of time, money and frustration.

The truth is …your business demands that level of attention and proactive approach.

I encourage you to have your systems watched by professionals and eliminate the surprises.

To understand more about watching your network and other practical  IT solutions

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I hope you enjoyed this video.

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