Do you need a special license to install security surveillance cameras in Chicago?

Do you need a special license to install security surveillance cameras in Chicago?


The answer is yes. If you are having cameras installed, door entry systems installed, or intercoms installed the installer needs to have a private alarm contractor license. Let’s describe what private alarm contractor work is, and what the state of Illinois says you need to install these systems.

When you need an Illinois private alarm contractor

Any system including electronic access control installation in Chicago, a burglar alarm system, a surveillance video system, a fire alarm system or any other electronic system that activates an visible, audible, remote, or recorded signal that is designed for the protection or detection of intrusion, fire, theft, entry, escape, vandalism, or trespass, or other electronic systems designed for the protection of life by indicating the existence of an emergency situation including emergency communication systems and mass notification systems must be installed by an Illinois private alarm contractor.

If you are an Illinois or Chicago business, and you are having any of the below systems installed you need a licensed private alarm contractor to install the system.

As an Illinois business needing building security services you need to have the above systems installed with an Illinois licensed private alarm contractor. For instance, IT Risk Managers LLC is licensed private alarm contractor agency, agency number 127.001762.

We are licensed to do private alarm contractor work in accordance with Illinois law and statue 225 ILCS 447.

As a matter of fact, anyone installing surveillance cameras systems in the state of Illinois or Chicago is required to have a private alarm contractor license. Which makes sense. The requirements to get an alarm contractor license are stringent in the state of IL.

Eligibility requirements to get an Illinois Private Alarm Contractor license include:

  • Minimum of 21 years old
  • No Felony convictions in 10 years
  • Not suffering from alcohol or substance abuse
  • Possess Good moral character
  • Not dishonorably discharged from the military

Also, the Private Alarm Contractor license requires that the applicant has at least 3 years of qualifying full-time experience. The IDFPR considers a “year” to be at least 1,500 hours. Any combination of qualifying experience that totals 3 years will allow an applicant to sit for the examination.

You then take a comprehensive test, which verifies your industry knowledge to the State of Illinois’ satisfaction regarding your private alarm contractor skills and knowledge. It is a difficult test and many times it is hard to pass the first time.

With IT Risk Managers LLC your camera systems and keyless door entry systems are installed by expert licensed private alarm contractors.

Can your business get in trouble using a non-licensed camera or keyless installation contractor?

If people are installing your security and camera systems without a license it’s not good. First, you don’t know if they can get your intercom, surveillance system, or building doors security access system installed properly. Second, a cease-and-desist order can stop the security system work you are having done at your facility. Imagine you are having an installation of an elevator access control system done and the work gets stopped because of licensing or permit issue?

Can a person or company installing building security systems, like cameras, keyless entry systems or intercoms get in trouble for doing the work without a license?

It’s a misdemeanor offence against them. The State of Illinois Department of Financial & Professional (IDFPR) can order a cease and desist to stop your job.

Get it right the first-time with IT Risk Managers, LLC

Save yourself the hassle get the right private alarm contractor to do your cameras and keyless door entry systems from the beginning.

IT Risk Managers LLC specializes in cloud-based camera surveillance systems, intercoms, and access control systems for securing your facilities. We can help with commercial office security systems, apartments and condo development intercoms. We also do elevator access control.

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