Business Security Systems Packages

The Cloud and IP are powering today's Business Security Systems

Cloud technologies, IP and Network Technologies have made securing today's office buildings, apartment buildings and retail outlets more cost effective, reliable, and seamless.  Today's Business Security systems leverage IT Technologies to give you a better solution. The right IP Based Security systems provides better reporting and interfaces because they were specifically developed for networking communication. It is easy to interface between platforms, IE camera systems, environmental control systems, video intercom systems and biometric systems because of the protocols, standards, and software developed around the Internet Protocol. One company may be very good at Biometric readers and technology, and another good at keyless entry and because of the shared standards and protocols of IP they can work together.

IT Risk Managers LLC uses the latest IP enabled Business Security Systems

Some of the older systems were developed on rs232 serial and analog platforms, and IP became a bolted on feature. The business security systems offered by IT Risk Managers LLC were developed leveraging the Internet Protocol and its simple communications standards. With a properly deployed access control system safe and secure entry is only a swipe away. Today's access control systems, card access control systems, swipe card door access control systems can use the cloud, wired ethernet, and wireless networks to deliver services to your tenants, employees, contractors, managers and security teams.

Business Systems Security Packages by IT Risk Managers 

IT Risk Managers LLC is a leading Chicago based business security systems integrator utilizing the latest in cloud, and IP to deliver outstanding card access control systems, FOB door entry systems, and keyless electronic lock systems. We have developed several door access control packages to meet the needs of your Chicago office, Chicago apartment, or commercial office building. Keyless door entry systems can also be used for distribution facilities, warehouses, loading docks, and other large commercial facilities that have property and resources that need protection. Below are some IP enable business security systems packages to help protect your property and resources.

Paxton Wired Access Control System Packages

Paxton Net2

Access Control Systems package from Paxton, 2 POE+, 2 Door Controllers, 2 P50 Readers, Enrollment Reader, 10 Key Fobs, Pro-Software, 2 Magnetic Locks, $1795.00  



Paxton Access Control

Paxton Single Door Kit, Net2 Single Door, Telephone Monitor, Surface Mount Dialer, Door Controller, Pro-Software, ENtrnace Logging, 1 Magnetic Lock, $1795.00

PDK Wireless/Keyless Door Entry




PDK Wireless Access Control

PDK Wireless/Keyless Door Entry ProData 8 Door Keyless, No wiring needed! Cloud Node, 8 Door Controller, 8 Strikes, Power Supply, 50 26Bit Fobs, 8 Mullion Readers $4995.00                            

Hi-Speed IP Enabled Business Security Systems

Today's hi-speed networked wireless, and wired keyless entry and access control systems need to be installed by professionals who have experience in low voltage wiring and electrical systems. They also need experience in IT networks. Today's business security systems are advanced and since they are based on IP they are also networked. When you deploy today's IP enabled access control systems it is important the network supporting the access control systems be installed by IT Professionals. You also need trained professionals to make sure you leverage all the features and functions of the business security systems.

If you have further questions or you need design and installation support please contact, or call Rick Bolda at 630-918-7370