Are you getting the expertise you need for Cloud Based Keyless Security Door Entrance system installation

Are you getting the expertise you need for Cloud Based Keyless Security Door Entrance system installation

Security Door Entrance and Keyless Door Access Control systems have evolved to the cloud and network-based solutions. Has your door, camera and facility security system installation company also evolved with the changing times?

In many instances not really. Why? Because security, alarm and door access control companies do not have the information technology professionals they need to install today's IP based access control systems and IP based camera systems.

Cloud Based Keyless Entry Systems the wave of the future

Cloud based access control systems have evolved with the times. Companies like Paxton have rolled out their Paxton 10 platform. The Paxton platform integrates access control and video management into one system. Which means you can manage your security and entrance access control systems from one interface. Instead of having to go back and forth from your camera system to your access control system, you can manage entrance events and video streams from one software solution.

Older systems built on an analog/digital architecture have gone the way of VCRs. Investing in a fixed Digital Video Recorder is like being tied to a boat anchor. It weighs you down. And if your current security system installer has not kept up with the times you may see them quote a DVR. DVRs may still perform for home security, but a business needs to future proof their investment with today's IP enabled cloud-based door entrance and access control systems.

Keyless Door Entry Installers need IT Network Experience

However, your security camera and security door entrance installer need technicians that understand IP networking and the cloud. Cloud based security access control systems are easy to install, manage, and maintain, with the right security system installation technicians.

You need a Chicago company like IT Risk Managers LLC that have network technicians that can support the network infrastructure and cloud architecture of the newer camera systems and access control systems. It is still important to have a security system installer that can do the heavy lifting like installing the power cabling, the magnetic door locks, the network cabling, but then you need technicians that can program the network POE switches, setup the firewalls, and train you on the access control software.

IT Risk Managers LLC has Electrical Experts and IT Network Experts

Usually, the person that installs the cabling and physical hardware for a security system is not the same person that sets up the network and cloud communications for your camera and access control system.

IT Risk Managers LLC is an Illinois licensed private alarm contractor. We have electrical experts that are great at installing the equipment, the magnetic locks, the power cables, cameras, power supplies, reader installations, keypad installations, latch bolts, things that an electrician would be good at.

However, we also have the IT network experts to program the systems, the switches, the firewalls, and set up the cloud communications. These are things that a normal electrician usually does not have expertise in.

Join the Proptech revolution and call the right partner like IT Risk Managers LLC to install your cloud-based security door entrance systems, access control systems, and IP camera systems.

IT Risk Managers LLC specializes in cloud-based camera and surveillance systems.

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