7 Must Haves for Cannabis Dispensary Security Systems

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Illinois Requirements for Cannabis Dispensary Security Systems

As the State of Illinois begins giving out Conditional Adult Use dispensing licenses it’s time to re-visit the security measures and security systems that must be in place to adhere to the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act. Cannabis dispensary applicants may recall Exhibit H of the Conditional Adult Use Dispensary application.

In Exhibit H a 50 Page security plan was provided outlining the measures and security systems the dispensary applicant will be taking to insure it meets the Illinois Cannabis and Regulation Tax Act. If your application for a recreational Dispensary license was approved, you must have submitted an excellent Exhibit H Security Plan.

As a refresher lets look at the top 7 Security Measures Cannabis Dispensaries must have to stay compliant in the state of Illinois. These requirements are outlined in Section 15-100 of the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act

The 7 Must Haves for Your Dispensary Security Systems

  1. Security Camera Systems, Alarm Systems, and Access Control   Systems for the Cannabis Dispensary must be provided by a private alarm contractor who is licensed by the State of Illinois IDFPR.
  2. 4 Hour recordings from all video cameras available for immediate viewing by law enforcement and the Department of Financial and   Professional Regulation.
  3. A perimeter alarm must be installed on all entry points of the cannabis  dispensary.
  4. The security camera and video surveillance systems for the cannabis  dispensary must remain operational in the event of a power outage for  a minimum of 4 hours.
  5. A video recording via a surveillance camera system must be made at  each point of sale location allowing for the identification of the  dispensing organization agent and purchaser of the cannabis product.
  6. A failure notification system must be implemented for the cannabis  dispensary camera system. This provides notification in the event any  of the cannabis security systems fail.
  7. The dispensary camera systems and video surveillance system must  have cameras that record at the minimum of 8 frames per second.

These seven-security systems measure must be taken for Illinois Cannabis Dispensaries to remain compliant with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation requirements.

You’ve spent thousands in the application process. You’ve been approved. Make sure you get the right partner to implement the security systems outlined in the Dispensary application security plan.

IT Risk Managers has experience with Cannabis Dispensary Security systems including access control, camera systems, visitor management systems and perimeter alarms.

You are not required to use the same vendor that helped with the security plan implement it.

IT Risk Managers LLC Private Alarm contractor license number 127.001762 has the team you need to implement the security and camera systems for your Chicago or Illinois Based Dispensary.

Chicago Cannabis dispensaries and Illinois Cannabis Dispensaries will be heavily regulated. Partner with licensed private alarm contractor IT Risk Managers LLC to make sure you have the right video surveillance and access control systems in place to meet your cannabis dispensary needs.

Listen to our CEO Rick Bolda discuss Security and Camera Systems for Dispensaries.

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