5 Things to Know about Keeping your Card Access Control Systems healthy

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5 Things to Know about Keeping your Card Access Control Systems healthy


Keep your Card Access Control Systems Updated

The heart of your Card Access Control Systems is the computer hosting the card access control operating system and database. Sometimes these computers are hardened systems provided by the vendor or regular windows PCs where the Card Access Control Systems software is loaded. If the computer system hosting the card access control systems software is not up to date and maintained properly it could shut your door entrance system down. If the door controller’s firmware is not updated it could shut down the system. Ask your vendor how often they update and review the health of the computer system and access control door controller’s operating systems.


Have the Right Power Protection for your Card Access Control Systems

Having the right power protection in place is key to maintaining a healthy Card access control system for your building. A properly sized Un-Interruptible Power Supply (UPS) will protect your systems from power surges and keep the system functioning in the event of a power failure or other catastrophic power event. Have your vendor explain the power protection solution they have in place for your systems, so you can make sure you are protected. Also ask them how often the UPS batteries are inspected because the batteries have a 2 to 3-year lifespan.


Audit the Data Base of the Card Access Control System

It is recommended that a quarterly audit be done of the access control data base. The data base is where all the user information is hosted. Who has key cards and fobs. What access they have and when do they have access. Are there tenants who have left the building that still have access? Are there ex-employees who still have access? Is there any strange activity going on where access is being granted where it shouldn’t be? A simple report may be available that can be reviewed quarterly.

Check the controllers

Where the computer hosting your solution is the heart of the system the controller boards are its eyes and ears. These boards communicate with the main card access control system to open the door for this card! Yes, this key card is valid let the person in. It’s important that these boards be visually inspected for wear at least annually. The controller boards also need to be updated annually with the latest firmware to insure they are functioning properly and the system remains software bug free. It’s also a good idea to know the age of your controller boards and to have your vendor keep replacements on hand in case of a failure.

Maintain the Door Strikes of the Card Access Control Systems

Door strikes must be maintained properly to keep your door access control system functioning correctly. The door strike plate is affixed to the doorjamb. When the door is closed the bolt extends into the hole in the strike plate and holds the doors closed. If a door strike is not engaging properly your doors will not lock and anyone can gain entrance. The strikes can also be lubricated and cleaned to extend life. A visual inspection monthly is a good idea. A work order system making the door strike a priority need is also a good idea.

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