5 IT Support System “Must Haves” for Cannabis Dispensaries

5 IT Support System “Must Haves” for Cannabis Dispensaries


IT Support for Illinois Cannabis Dispensaries

You’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on your Cannabis Dispensary Business. Application processes, Building Designs, Construction, Record Keeping, POS Systems, Inventory and Security Systems. But all this hard work and investment can go up in smoke fast without the right IT Support Systems in place.

#1 Cannabis Dispensaries Need IT Cyber-Security

The Number One IT Support Must Have for your Cannabis Dispensary is IT -System Security. I’m not talking about Camera Systems, or Door and Vault Security. I’m talking about making sure your IT systems are being watched as closely as your Cannabis inventory. Cannabis Operations and Dispensaries have become the newest target for hacking and ransomware. This means that all Chicago and Illinois Cannabis Dispensaries must have IT Security systems in place just like bigger companies. These services include Firewalls, Security Incident and Event Monitoring (SIEM), system security updating and regular security system audits and assessments. A single ransomware attack can shut down your operations fast. Make sure an IT System Security strategy for your dispensary is part of your IT Support and Business Strategy.

#2 Cannabis Dispensaries need Pro-Active IT Support

The Number Two IT Support System must have for Chicago Cannabis Dispensaries is a Proactive IT Support platform. Cannabis Dispensary desktops, servers, Laptops, I-Pads and other computer systems have many moving pieces. If these systems aren't proactively managed properly they can slow the network down, make your data vulnerable to outsider attacks, and even stop operations.  All these moving pieces must be attended to. Security updates must be completed. Patches and system versions must be kept up to date. The systems must be baby sat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These types of services are part of most IT Managed Services Packages. For your Illinois Cannabis Dispensary IT Support needs use an IT partner with a Network Operations Center. (NOC) The NOC is mission control for all your systems. The NOC will do the monitoring and updating you need seven days a week.

#3 Get A CIO for your Chicago Cannabis Business

Number 3 of IT Support Must Haves is CIO Support. CIO stands for Chief Information Officer. A CIO is the IT strategic leader. A good Chief Information Office for your dispensary will be able to help you plan and implement the proper IT systems for your Cannabis dispensary business. You may need to upgrade your Cannabis POS systems, and have questions about the inventory piece. Or you may want to know what the most secure way is to access your systems from home. You may want to know how to get wireless installed. Well these types of questions can be answered by an experienced CIO. The Chief Information Officer can bridge the gab between your Dispensary’s business needs and your Cannabis Dispensary Technology Needs.

#4 Get your Cannabis Dispensary IT System Data backed up

The 4th Cannabis Dispensary IT System must have is a business grade cloud backup solution. You are accumulating tons of data. You have inventory data, accounting data, office files, applications, drawings, business records, and POS information. You may already have some storage in the cloud, but don’t assume you have all your important data protected in the cloud without a business grade backup solution. Business grade backup solutions will be managed and monitored 24/7 by a Network Operations Center. A business grade backup solution for a Chicago or Illinois Dispensary will allow you to recover your systems and operations in minutes, not hours. A Backup Cloud Solution for your Cannabis Dispensary will give you reporting and peace of mind to know your systems are backed up and data can be quickly recovered in the event of a disaster

#5 Get IT Support for your Cannabis Business when you need it

Feet on the ground IT Support is the 5th must have for your Illinois Dispensary Business. Not all problems can be fixed remotely. Sometimes you need IT network and computer support for your cannabis dispensary business on-site quickly. That’s where IT Risk Managers LLC can help. We have IT Support techs available for your Cannabis business 24/7. You may need a computer quickly fixed, or a printer connected to the network. The network may be slow and needs on-site network troubleshooting. You may need a network cable run or new systems added to your cannabis dispensary IT network. IT Risk Managers has experienced support technicians ready to support your Information Technology needs.

Please call 630-918-7370 or email info@itriskmgrs.com for more information, or IT Support for your Chicago or Illinois Cannabis Dispensary.

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