Who is watching your network?

Who is watching your network?

Girl holding cable in front of rack mounted servers in data storage facility
We want to ask you who is watching your network right now?

If you are like most companies your IT Services team is pulled in different directions every day. Think about it, most IT support and network consulting people work typical business hours, and during the day they are helping support users.

If the IT support team is busy all day and not in the office 24/7 who is keeping an eye on your network? Well probably no one. The only thing you can do is hope nothing too serious happens when the system is not being watched. Keep in mind the systems don’t know what day or time it is when they decide to fail.

Having your IT services needs managed in this way does not exactly give one peace of mind.


24/7 IT Services

The solution for your business is an IT service and support model that uses a Network Operations center that can watch your network, servers and systems 24/7 with engineers.

An IT Outsourcing service with a Network Operating center (NOC) can deliver real time alerts based on years of experience. Provide immediate IT services response and corrective action for those alerts. An IT company with a NOC can provide regular systems maintenance and confirmation of your backups.

Reporting tools can be used to trend issues and avoid future downtime. Fortune 500 companies have used these IT service models for years. Check with your local IT company and see if it’s available for your business.

This is the most efficient way to watch your network and systems 24/7 and offer the peace of mind CEO’s need. Imagine if someone could watch your house or your car and give you notice before something breaks. Your business demands this level of attention and a proactive approach.

We encourage you to make sure your IT Services Company is watching your systems proactively 24/7 to eliminate surprises. For more information on IT Services and solutions email info@itriskmgrs.com .